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Librarians Do the Darndest Things

There are so many unique roads to librarianship.  I know children’s librarians who are former teachers…along with some who are former lawyers. One colleague did a stint as an archeologist.  I, myself, was a television producer (long story!).  And some librarians continue to do cool jobs while being a librarian.  I’m friends with more than a few crafters extraordinaire, for example. 

Blogger Jonathan Dolce

Virtual Summer Reading 2021

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Summer Reading Virtual Once More So, for most of us, summer reading 2021 will be virtual once more. For some, it meant outsourcing virtual programming, with others flipping coins to see who’d go in front of the green screen. But overall, this is the future of public library programming. Need some help? Read on, fellow green screeners! Best Practices Understand that best practices are still being established, and represents an evolving skillset.  We are understanding the platforms and their capabilities as we go along.  When it comes to producing content, though, many standard best practices for streaming and broadcast apply.  TWITCH  DISCORD  Appears to be a combo of equipment and broadcast practices broadly applicable to streaming in general: Streamer and moderator best practices Consistency with schedule Marketing and promo Equipment and software  It’s a communication tool, not a vault Organization is key Library specific recommendation is to connect with local servers to promote programs Don’t @everyone Keep posting,…