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#PLA2020 Wrap-up 3: From the Personal to the Political: Nonfiction You Can’t Put Down

Oh, how I love informational books and what a stellar line-up of authors at PLA presenting their new books. I knew Bob Garfield’s voice, but had never seen a photo of him, which is unusual for someone so well known; Bob is the longtime co-host of On the Media.  Bob’s new book is American Manifesto: Saving Democracy From Villains, Vandals and Ourselves.  He believes we should all become ‘bulwarks against the post-truth barrage.’  He has a established We the Purple: a nonpartisan coalition, campaign and movement.  As an aside and as we were in Nashville, Bob invited us to listen to two stories on his webpage: Tag You’re It, Part I & II, where he details how he is resolved to become a country music legend.


Read any good nonfiction recently?

The 2019 Robert F. Sibert Informational Book Medal Committee is asking the ALSC membership to submit book titles for consideration.  The Sibert Medal is awarded annually to the author(s) and illustrator(s) of the most distinguished informational book published in the United States in English during the preceding year. For the complete terms and criteria, please refer to the ALSC website. Please remember: Only books from the 2018 publishing year are under consideration for the award. Also, please note that publishers, authors, illustrators, or editors may not suggest their own titles. Go to to post your suggestion. You will need to have your ALA login & password handy to access the suggestion forms. The submission deadline is October 15, 2018 for the Sibert Medal. Kathy Jarombek Chair, 2019 Robert F. Sibert Medal Committee   This post addresses the following ALSC Core Competency: IV. Knowledge, Curation, and Management of Materials.

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Download the New Mismatched Pairs Booklist

Download the New Mismatched Pairs Booklist

Tweens have both diverse learning methods and diverse tastes in reading. We also know that readers like to explore their interests in ways that are concrete, as well as imaginative. Pairing nonfiction and fiction titles on the same subject can help readers draw connections and inspire critical thinking, as well as build vocabulary and reinforce ideas. This list presents twenty-six tween-friendly nonfiction books that have been paired with a complementary work of fiction. For more information on the fiction titles on this list, please talk with your local librarian.

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Warning: This Will Be Your Toughest Customer.

After working for 20 plus years as a children’s librarian, I feel very comfortable with young people. I’m good at getting them to open up and tell me what they are looking for. Children come in with parents in tow, after visiting the library with their class. “Remember me?” they ask, and I always let them know that they are unforgettable.


Science Literacy Moments #alsc14

“Pretend the window is a screen,” said poet Susan Blackaby at this morning’s #alsc14 session “The Poetry of Science.” People spend so much time with their eyes glued to their electronic devices that they’re liable to miss what’s going on in their environment. Imagine if people gave as much concentration to nature as they give to their computer screens. How many hawks would they see? What other wonders would they encounter? Author Margarita Engle joined today’s panel, discussing how she uses both poetry and her science background to advocate for animal and environment conservation. As a child, Engle said, “No curiosity was too small for concentration.” She made the point that the phrase “the spirit of wonder” is applicable to both science and poetry. Because of this commonality, it’s possible to interest poetry loving kids in science phenomena and give science fans the chance to experiment with language. Poet Janet…