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Leadership at Any Level: Empowering Library Staff

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Definitions of leader and leadership are endless, but no specific person or job title makes you a leader. Rather, leadership is a conscious, daily decision. Before you can lead anyone else, you must first lead yourself. Then, it’s all about owning and customizing the journey. Here are some go-to tips (and my examples) for incorporating elements of leadership wherever you are. Own Your Journey We all have gaps, blind spots, and opportunities to improve. First, admit both the good and bad. Next, own your development. Actively seek growth opportunities. If you make a mistake, admit it. Then, commit to doing better. Further, focus on choosing evolving, long-term goals that allow you to adapt. Your focus will likely change as you grow, and that’s okay. Look for ways to build regular learning into your schedule. Finally, remember small steps add up to much progress. Make Space A few years ago, I…

Blogger Jaime Eastman

Progress Over Perfection: Embracing Imperfection in Library Work

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I’m not really a big resolutions person, but starting a new year makes me reflective. What are my big picture goals and ideas for the upcoming year? Here’s the thing: those plans need to be in pencil. In light of life’s changes, single, inflexible plans often spell disaster. One thing I’ve learned in library work is to embrace progress over perfection. Let me explain.

ALA Annual 2019

Looking Ahead – to Summer: ALA Annual, Leadership Development, and EDI Work

Spring is here in full bloom and summer is just around the corner. When many of you think of summer, I’m sure you begin to get excited about all the wonderful programs, outreach activities, and events that you’ve planned as part of your library’s summer reading or summer learning programs. The opportunity to engage with diverse children and their families during these events is indeed something to look forward to! Another exciting event this summer is the ALA Annual Conference and the potential for networking, professional development, and celebrating award-winning children’s media. 2019 ALA Annual in Washington DC – Happenings and General Information Annual Conference will be held June 20-25th 2019 in Washington, DC, are you attending?  There will be a variety of opportunities for attendees to attend educational programs, free awards ceremonies (such as the 2019 Pura Belpré Award Celebración and the 2019 ALSC Awards Presentation of the Batchelder,…