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Enticing Summer Reading Alternative Programming For Kids Who “Hate” To Read

Summer is the busiest time of year for public youth services librarians across the country: we stack our calendars with programming and guest performers, bust out all the themed decorations, and break out our best book-themed t-shirts. All of this, of course, to the ultimate end of building in our young patrons a lifetime relationship with books.

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Children with Print Disabilities: Dyslexia Resources

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Today, we’d like to share some additional tips and tricks for patrons with dyslexia. Our April 2021 toolkit included resources for Children with Print Disabilities. This month’s post will share some additional tips and tricks to help make engaging with print content easier for patrons.


Helping Kids with Dyslexia

Working in a public library, one gets to meet many different people from all walks of life — this is one of the biggest perks of the library profession.  And every once in a while we get to meet someone who really stands out — allow me to introduce you to one of them. Scott Forsythe is a teenager from the Fort Wayne area; he and his family have been regular library users for many years.  About a year ago, Scott came to our reference desk in the Children’s Services department at the Main Library and asked if we had any resources on dyslexia.  Specifically, he was looking for information on fonts that are easier for young children with dyslexia to decode and read.  We did a little looking around, and came up with very little. Scott, you see, has dyslexia.  And he knows very well the struggles that are involved. …