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How to Conduct a Diversity Audit

I learned about the concept of a diversity audit from a School Library Journal article by Karen Jensen. In a diversity audit, you evaluate an existing collection or service provided by your library to get hard numbers on how diverse your collection or service truly is. This can cover anything from seeing what percentage of your board books feature non-white characters, to how many LGBTQ+ titles are written by Own Voices authors, or evaluating the performers you’ve hired over the last year to see if they are representing diverse cultures.

ALA Virtual Conference 2020

#alavirtual20 National Associations of Librarians of Color (NALCo)

The National Associations of Librarians of Color (NALCo) presented several dynamic programs during #alavirtual20. NALCo members also co-presented and served as panelists for other programs throughout the duration of the Virtual Event. Programs included but were not limited to: AILA President’s Program: Honouring and Respecting Relationship: Rethinking Library Praxis  Behind the Wires: American Concentration Camps Then and Now (APALA LIVE) E. J. Josey’s 1964 Charge: ‘Keep on Pushing’ (BCALA LIVE) Treasure Hunters at Libraries? Why Not!! (CALA LIVE) Juntos: Latinx Family Engagement at Your Library ALA President, Julius C. Jefferson, Jr , recently released a statement: ALA takes responsibility for past racism, pledges a more equitable association. As libraries work to become more intentional about improving internal and external relationships, reexamine outreach efforts, and reevaluate services provided to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities, they can look to the work of NALCo for examples of best practices, positive…

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Serving the Underserved during the Pandemic

In the current changing landscape for families and libraries affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, librarians are suddenly tasked with providing resources and activities in a digital environment. Providing robust programs for marginalized or underserved populations is especially a challenge, and we wanted to provide resources for librarians that may assist in addressing the needs of these populations. 

Commitment to Client Group

ALSC Equity Fellows at #alamw19

ALSC Equity Fellows at Midwinter 2019

ALSC’s six Equity Fellows attended the Midwinter Meeting in Seattle in January. Thank you to members of the ALSC Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Task Force for their mentorship throughout the Midwinter conference and beyond to help the fellows feel welcomed in our organization. We reached out to the fellows to learn more about their experience attending Midwinter and this is what some of them shared: Some favorite highlights of ALA Midwinter as an ALSC Equity fellow included getting to know the other fellows and mentors on a more personal level, hearing about and seeing the soon-to-be published titles, and attending the ALA Youth Media Awards as well as VIP publisher events. One of the best things about attending conferences is the people you meet or reconnect with. Since I arrived to Seattle early, I took the initiative and went to the Joint Youth Executive Meeting on Thursday afternoon despite not…

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Words Matter: Owning and Learning from Our Mistakes

By Jamie Campbell Naidoo, 2018-2019 ALSC President with Elisa Gall, ALSC Board Member The ALSC Institute this past weekend was filled with excitement, passion, and lots of energy generated by just over 400 children’s librarians, youth services educators, children’s book creators, children’s literature researchers, and other professionals working to promote children’s literacy. The new ALSC logo was also unveiled at the Institute; check it out on the ALSC Facebook page.The conference materials for the Institute described the meeting as an intensive learning experience for attendees. With the theme of All Aboard!: Embracing Advocacy & Inclusion, many of the Big Ideas sessions, keynotes, and individual breakouts addressed equity, diversity, and inclusion work that is ongoing and needed in the field and within ALSC. Check out the ALSC Blog for #ALSC18 entries that highlight some of this exciting work. Speakers also prompted attendees to think critically about ways that they can become…

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Let’s Talk About Diversity… with Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich

Those of you familiar with my ALSC posts will recognize a definite trend, but in case you’re late to the party or somehow stumbled here by mistake and have decided to stick around awhile, I’ll catch you up: I’m passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusivity – especially when it comes to children’s literature. So once a month, an author/illustrator who shares that passion stops by my library to booktalk diverse reads they love. This year, I’ve posted lists from Melissa Iwai and Isabel Roxas, and I’ve heard from a lot of you who are interested in seeing more.

ALA Midwinter 2018

2018 Emerging Leaders – Team C #alamw18

2018 Emerging Leaders Group

On Friday, February 9, the 2018 Emerging Leaders class met for the first time. It was very exciting to be in a room full of professionals who are eager to move the work of our association forward. Our Team C consists of five members: Stephanie Anderson, Nicole Husbands, Tasha Nins, Jacqueline Quinn, and Raina Tuakoi. This team will explore Cultural Competency in Youth Librarianship by, ultimately, developing a microagressions training video script for ALSC. This project directly aligns with the “Diversity and Inclusion” objective of our ALSC Strategic Plan. Our first meeting consisted of getting to know one another, learning our strengths, diving into pieces of this project and what the project means to each of us, and discussing platforms to use to begin the work. This will be my first time being staff liaison to an Emerging Leaders group and I feel very confident knowing we also have Tori…