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Who Will I Be? Books About Careers

It’s inevitable that we discover a section that needs updating (to our chagrin). Last year, I stumbled upon our career books, which didn’t need weeding as much as it needed updating for current and future careers. If your collection is in need of branching out from your average career books, check out these series that will make reading about careers fun and informative at the same time:

ALA Midwinter 2016

Taking Advantage of the Resources at #alamw16

I found myself circling the exhibits a few times while I was on the lookout for the ALA Joblist and Career Development Placement Center. Now, before you excitedly google my job, no I am not in the market, thank you very much. I love my library. So why the placement center? I wanted to take advantage of the amazing photography service. It’s been awhile since I have had an actual headshot taken, and let’s face it – sometimes that selfie just won’t cut it. So I found the placement center (it’s right near the post office on the exhibit floor), checked in at the desk, paid my $20 and headed over. There were 2 professional photographers there and we took several shots. The photos will all be sent to me digitally as raw files so that I can filter them up to my heart’s delight! This is a great opportunity,…