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Download the New Mismatched Pairs Booklist

Download the New Mismatched Pairs Booklist

Tweens have both diverse learning methods and diverse tastes in reading. We also know that readers like to explore their interests in ways that are concrete, as well as imaginative. Pairing nonfiction and fiction titles on the same subject can help readers draw connections and inspire critical thinking, as well as build vocabulary and reinforce ideas. This list presents twenty-six tween-friendly nonfiction books that have been paired with a complementary work of fiction. For more information on the fiction titles on this list, please talk with your local librarian.

Blogger Dan Bostrom

Great Gifts to Give Booklist

Download the Great Gifts to Give Booklist

Librarians are often asked for suggestions of titles to give as gifts. To address this, the ALSC Quicklists Consulting Committee has compiled a new booklist with suggestions for special occasions such as: baby showers birthdays holidays graduation bar/bat mitzvah any time in life when a child turns a corner Grouped by type of request, these suggestions of recently published books were made by children’s librarians and book experts from around the country. You can download your own version of the Great Gifts to Give booklist.

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Because Children Deserve Kindness

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We are helpers, we are sanctuaries, and we are here to serve. On Friday, ALSC published the Unity. Kindness. Peace. booklist for librarians, parents, caregivers, teachers and other caring adults faced with children asking tough questions about the recent election and looking for positive ways to take action.  Thank you, Quicklists Consulting Committee, for your rapid response to this need. The booklist is available for free download on the ALSC website at


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Summer Reading is imminent, librarians. We all have a ton on our plates and very little time to think about anything but programming, performers, reading logs, and summer fun. Here are just a few books coming out in the next couple of months. Something to put on your radar when you get a minute, in between programs, when you’re trying to put together book orders.  Your kids will like these, and you will, too. Maria lives in the Bronx with her mom, who works two jobs to keep them afloat. Then her mom gets a job on a seaside estate on Martha’s Vineyard, and Maria’s life for the summer is radically different. Maria spends her summer juggling new friends, her Lebanese family, and an old map that she’s sure will lead to pirate treasure. Mafi’s long-awaited first middle grade novel has been called “rich and lush” by Kirkus. Alice lives in a…