Blogger Tess Prendergast

Indigenous Board Books for Every Baby 

We know that the general benefits of reading board books are numerous. Here are just a few reasons why we spend time and money curating and maintaining board book collections for families in our communities to use.  I have noticed a great surge of fantastic board book fare that features Indigenous cultures and languages and believe that all board book collections should be audited for excellent Indigenous content. Here are a few recommendations: Indigenizing board book collections First and foremost, when looking at indigenizing our board book collections, we need to  explore whether there are any resources from the nation whose land we are on right now. It may turn out that there are few or no board book formats of a local nations’ children’s stories and other cultural materials available yet. We can still work in culturally appropriate and respectful ways to learn about (and possibly curate and provide) whatever children’s…


More Than Just a Board Book

When I began my career as a children’s librarian, I inherited the board book collection for a couple of reasons but mainly because board books often have the reputation that they are possibly the easiest collection to manage in youth services. Most of them are straightforward and teach basic concepts like abc’s, 123’s, colors, and shapes. However, almost a decade later I’ve come to realize that although most board book stories may be simple they are more than just the “basics” and provide depth beyond the handful of words that are printed on the cardboard pages.