Blogger Suzi Wackerbarth

how to write a blog post for librarians:

You might wonder how to write a blog post. Staring at the blank page (or screen) can be daunting. Writer’s block is a real thing, after all. And librarians, aren’t they all about shushing and stuff? Hard to please, cardigan wearing, and could I even? Well, it’s easier than your scary brain might be thinking right now. “Get comfortable in your wheelie chair and I’ll take you on a trip. A trolley trip, actually,” you write.

ALA Annual 2016

So you think you want to volunteer for YALSA…

If you think YALSA as opposed to ALA is a softer option for volunteering your professional, think again!  These people are dedicated.  Youth services is a calling and so is throwing your hat in the proverbial ring.  It’s a ring not of doom, but a multi-ring circus, and your committee chair is the ringmaster. But wait!  Don’t walk away yet!  There is hope for the more casual contributor.  And indeed some of the smaller, less time-consuming contributions may in fact lead to bigger and better things.