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Public Awareness and Advocacy at #ALAAC

The Public Awareness and Advocacy Committee didn’t formally meet at ALA Annual in Chicago this year but there were many opportunities for public awareness and advocacy throughout the conference experience that I am rounding up here with links to ALSC bloggers fabulous write-ups. Mental health is important: in the workplace, in personal life and for your patrons. While there’s much debate on how much mental health services libraries should provide- there’s no question that mental health resources are important for all.  View Lacy Wolfe’s blog about how graphic novels are “medicine” for mental health and Jaime Eastman’s blog posts about building joy and taking time for self care. When meeting friends old and new at conference, I try to delve beyond the “how are you/ where do you work,” and ask more pointed questions like, “what challenges are you facing right now?” and “is there any way I can support…

ALA Annual Conference 2023

Some Final Thoughts from #alaac23

It’s hard to believe that we’ve wrapped up another annual conference. While some are already looking forward to LibLearnX in January 2024 or even next year’s annual conference in San Diego, I’m still trying to digest everything from the last five days. With so many opportunities for learning and connection, how can I even start to summarize them? There are tons of wonderful posts here on the blog recapping some of the great sessions this year. So, I’ll leave you with some final lessons from this year’s conference. Download all the conference slides and handouts you can. Download EVERYTHING. For sessions that you attended, it’s a great way to supplement notes that you took or remember key resources from the presentation. In addition, download content that interests you from sessions you didn’t go to. You might get ideas from these resources. Even better, you’ll likely have contact information for the…

ALA Annual Conference 2023

Creating Welcoming Spaces at #alaac23

Immigrant and refugee communities are a large portion of our communities and our libraries. But are we doing everything we can to make our libraries a welcoming environment for those families? Sarah Polen and Jacquie Kociubuk outlined actionable strategies for libraries in their session Welcoming Spaces: Creating Welcoming Environments for Immigrant and Refugee Families.

ALA Annual Conference 2023

Leading Wholeheartedly at #alaac23

This year’s ALSC’s president’s program was all about wholehearted leadership. The session, entitled Leading with Your Hands and Your Heart: A Conversation about Leading from Wherever You Are, was AMAZING. The panelist discussion featured Dr. Ling Hwey Jeng, Ellen Oh, and Linda Sue Park, with conversation expertly guided by Amy Koester. Dr. Ling Hwey Jeng Dr. Jeng spoke about the power of leadership even in invisibility. While many of us feel invisible, often these are the moments where we have the greatest potential to impact change. Some key thoughts: Ellen Oh Ellen Oh spoke about the power of problem solving as a path to leadership. Looking for ways to find solutions often leads us in new directions. Some key thoughts: Linda Sue Park Linda Sue Park spoke about the power of leadership from the role of an everyday worker. We don’t have to be queen bees in order to enact…

ALA Annual Conference 2023

Connecting with ALSC Members at #alaac23

One of the highlights of Conference for me is the ALSC Membership meeting. It’s a space for members to come together and learn more about the direction and work of the Association. Not able to join us at Conference this year? Good news: Our work is member-driven and there are always opportunities for you to engage when you’re ready. Here are some opportunities highlighted from today’s membership meeting:

ALA Annual Conference 2023

Planting Seeds of Joy at #alaac23

What’s a potentially overwhelming experience for an introverted librarian at 9 AM on a Monday morning? An experiential workshop on building joy. What’s a really rewarding and inspiring way to start your conference day? Also an experiential workshop on joy. Becky Hass and Grace Hudson started this morning big with their session Building Joy-Centric Libraries.

ALA Annual Conference 2023

Self-Care for #alaac23 and Every Day

Self-care. It’s something that we’ve heard a lot about, especially since the pandemic. But is it something that we’re practicing regularly? In the last three years, I’ve spent a lot of time exploring self-care. So, I was excited to see a session dedicated specifically to it. Bobbi Newman of the Network of the Library of Medicine taught this session, titled Self-Care During Stressful Times.