ALA Annual 2018

AASL 2018 Best Websites for Teaching and Learning #ALAAC18

What a great session from the AASL!  While many librarians may be aware of the AASL’s annual listing of the best websites for teaching and learning, this session delved into each website giving information about the site, age levels, the standards the site addresses, and even showed short video clips about each site and its application. It was a fun way to learn about new resources, and I plan to experiment with a lot of these and hope to use them in my elementary school library curriculum next year. To check out the AASL’s best websites, here is the list… Past recommended websites can be found at: And now, I am signing off to build my own code using Pencil Code!!!   This post addresses the following ALSC Core Competencies: II. Reference and User Services and IV. Knowledge, Curation, and Management of Materials.  

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Talkin’ ’bout Collaboration

Collaboration. You know it’s good; you’re probably doing it. But are you taking the time to talk about it? In the holiday spirit of sharing, the AASL/ALSC/YALSA Interdivisional Committee on School-Public Library Cooperation encourages you to share the results and impact of your collaborations with your administration, stakeholders, and community, and with your professional peers as well. Most of us may feel too busy to take the time – and we may think our experiences are no big deal, that they won’t be interesting or instructive to others. And certainly, we tend to keep our experiences to ourselves when they don’t meet our own high expectations. But you may be surprised at who else would benefit, and how they will respond! My colleague, author and educational consultant Cherie Pandora, and I surveyed Ohio public and school librarians in spring 2014 to learn about their collaborations, and how and with whom…

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It’s All in the Cards: School-Public Library Collaboration

Remember the credit card ad campaign that asked TV viewers, “What’s in your wallet?” It had a bunch of Viking-types doing all sorts of bold and daring stuff, empowered by a piece of plastic that put the world at their fingertips. Oh, the adventure! Oh, the intrigue! Oh, I can do you one better: Imagine those Vikings are the kids and teens we see every day at our libraries. When we shout out, “What’s in your wallet?” to their sea of smiling faces, and each and every one of them proudly exclaims, “My library card!” Awesome, right? Now that’s an ad I’d watch the Super Bowl to see. As public library professionals, we know we’re handing kids the world when we hand them library cards. The best part? Our school library colleagues know that, too. That makes September the perfect time to collaborate with the schools in your community. It’s…