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Decoding and Encoding as “Two Sides of One Coin”

Implications of the science of reading on fostering emergent writing skills Over the next few months, the Early and Family Literacy Committee will write about one of the ECRR early literacy practices and discuss the science of reading research that supports the development of that practice and the skills it engenders. Today’s practice is writing!

Blogger Erika Hogan

Once More, With Feeling: Read Aloud Fun

Round robin. Turn taking. When it’s time to read aloud, a lot of kids might look the other way in school. But in a library program, we can ask for volunteers. In read aloud book clubs, children benefit from listening and interpreting text whether they volunteer as readers or not. Even looking at the pages while someone else reads offers a new kind of experience and a taste of what grown up book clubs are all about: conversation and community. I’ve found the most success with strategies that lean into the fun, offering high appeal texts, especially those with lots of graphics on the page.

Blogger Ariel Barreras

A Space Adventure!: Space-Themed Activities for Children

Because this summer’s theme is Adventure, I wanted to create an adventure based on what the children in my community love to learn about: space! Space is a great base for a children’s program, as there are so many resources and activities that can be utilized. We will be hosting a Space Adventure at the library, complete with crafts, play, and fun-filled displays. Here are some of the space-themed activities we will have for children this summer.

Blogger Jaime Eastman

Library Play Spaces: A Guide to Design and Standards

A library play space with several sections of different toys and seating.

Libraries and play belong together, but maintaining library place spaces is hard work. We strive for fun, but also intentionality. We want enthusiasm, without caregiver disengagement. Finding the perfect play area remains elusive, but it’s worth the effort. Recently, we took great steps to consider just what we want our library play spaces to be. Keep reading to see what we learned.

ALA Annual 2024

The Post-ALA Annual Conference TBR Pile

Meeting authors and illustrators is an exciting part of attending #alaac24. I feel very lucky to have been able to attend the conference this year. While I didn’t have time to meet everyone I wanted to, I was able to pick up several advance reading copies to take home. Here’s what I’m most excited to read. If you picked up any great ARCs at #alaac24 or elsewhere, I’d love to know what’s on your list! Conference Blogger Celeste Rhoads (she/her/hers) is originally from John Steinbeck’s hometown of Salinas, California, where she read on the beach, in trees, on road trips, and everywhere in between. She moved to Paris in 2005, and immediately found a home at the American Library in Paris. As the Children’s and Teens’ Services Manager, she oversees the Library’s collections, policies, and programs for ages 0–18. Celeste has a master’s degree in Library Science from Rutgers University, where she…

ALA Annual 2024

Making Connections, Keeping in Touch – After #alaac24

Meeting new contacts and potential friends is one of the main highlights of attending a professional conference such as #alaac24. But how do you keep in touch once we’ve headed home to our respective cities? It’s one thing to follow a blog or Instagram account of a librarian you admire, but the personal connections are truly meaningful. I’m located on another continent, so I’ve had a lot of practice keeping in touch over long distances, and I’m grateful for the tools we have at our disposal to remain in contact with professional networks and individuals who live and work far away, but it still takes time to maintain connections. I have a few tips for things you can do now and in the coming weeks and months to nurture those new connections:  Send an email today. If you traded business cards with someone fun/kind/interesting/funny/inspiring then send a note now so…

ALA Annual 2024

A Day in San Diego during the #alaac24

Embarking on a delightful journey from Little Italy to Coronado Beach Exploring San Diego during the #alaac24 was a charming experience. As I said in a past post, I always take advantage of conference time to tour the city where it is happening. It’s the moment I take to do some “adult’s stuff,” like long walks in parks, visiting museums and libraries, and places of my own interest while being with myself. Last Saturday, my day started with breakfast at Pappalecco in Little Italy, a charming café known for its delicious pastries, rich coffee, and inviting atmosphere. I enjoyed a delicious croissant and a cappuccino, savoring the vibrant ambiance of the neighborhood. After breakfast, I took a Lyft to Balboa Park. This sprawling urban cultural park in the heart of San Diego is renowned for its beautiful gardens, historic architecture, and numerous museums and cultural institutions. I wandered through the…