World Breastfeeding Week – Books for Your Library

The Background Last Week was World Breastfeeding Week (WBW). This special time is celebrated across the globe every year from August 1-7 to support and increase awareness of breastfeeding. WBW commemorates the Innocenti Declaration, signed in August 1990, by government policymakers, the World Health Organization (WHO), and UNICEF to promote and protect this important first food. Breastfeeding is a human right; it saves lives; and it helps communities. However, there is very little in the way of children’s books on this important topic.

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Risking Everything: explaining migration and internment

Risking Everything For freedom, a new life, or just a chance at life, people worldwide migrate.  Be it climate change, political strife, or economics, we live in an age of mass migration.  How we react to it as information professionals and caretakers of our community’s children is critical.  Daily, we are being tapped for explanations for these crises as well as internment.  This tugs at our heart strings, and reminds us of US’ origins and populations fleeing religious persecution in 17th century Europe. Or fleeing famine during the Irish Potato Famine. Internment Explaining internment to grade-schooled aged children can be difficult at best.  But one selection that can help illustrate the feelings behind this: The One and Only Ivan.  There’s even a movie of it, but here’s the book trailer:                                        …

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Library Cards Around the USA #librarylove

I love library cards. They may be one of my favorite aspects about libraries and that’s saying a lot. I appreciate the the fun designs, the smooth plastic-y feeling and everything that they represent: access, a right to read and a place to be. So, when I saw an idea rolling around Facebook about people collecting library cards for displays- I could not pass up the opportunity to start my own collection.

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ALSC: Serving Immigrant & Refugee Children and Their Families

I love August.  Nice and hot so that dip in the pool or lake feels refreshing and invigorating, not cold once we slip into September.  Not a whiff of the melancholy I feel once the hot weather leaves for another year.  I hope you are enjoying August as well and looking forward to the conclusion of another successful Summer Reading/Learning. In case you think ALSC sits back and relaxes in August, I wanted to be sure to tell you about some exciting news and upcoming events.

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Let’s Hear it for Process Committees and Task Forces!

ALSC’s book award committees are a big deal, and for good reason. There’s nothing quite like attending the annual Youth Media Awards ceremony and getting to hear which new author or illustrator will be honored. The audience goes wild in support–standing, clapping, cheering, and celebrating in the best way possible. I always love seeing the committee members stand and wave to the audience when their award is named. Serving on a book award committee is a ton of work, but also…what a thrill!


The Best Apps Available for Helping Your Kids To Read

Helping your child with their reading is a necessary but also immensely pleasurable activity, both for you and your son or daughter. As well as the conventional means of sharing books and stories, there are now a number of great reading apps which can add to the enjoyment and the success in your child’s learning journey. Here are some of the best apps currently available. Starting out Starfall Learn to Read Kicking off with the alphabet and bringing in phonemes (sounds) which help your child to pronounce all of the English words, this app then moves on to comprehension, covering all of the beginner bases which will set your child off on the right foot to becoming an accomplished reader, writer and speaker. Reading Raven This app also has a particular focus on phonics-based learning, and helps kids master all the steps to recognizing letters, sounds and ultimately words, by…

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Stomp Rockets: STEAM Done Cheap

I have recently learned the joys of stomp rockets, these super simple launching devices can lead to tons of scientific exploration and can be made for less than $2! So far this summer we have used these for a day long rocket launching program and a demonstration at a county run summer camp. The kids have been totally captivated. So our plan is to make a couple to drop off at the summer camp locations so the kids can experiment in their free time. This lead me to wonder where else would it be possible to have these cheap tools available for bored and curious kids? Since these have relatively low power they can be launched inside as long as the space has high ceilings so recreation centers, after school programs (cafeterias and gyms) and the like would be a perfect fit. Materials for Launcher: 2 pieces of 1/2 inch…