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#PLA2024 The Science of Reading

One of the topics that is visible in this year’s slate of PLA programming is The Science of Reading (pre-conference and regular programming). As one of our school districts adopted the curriculum this year, my coworker and I attended Public Libraries and Schools: Everything You Need to Know about the Science of Reading yesterday. This three-hour preconference session had a phenomenal line-up of speakers who discussed both what the state of Ohio is doing on a government level and what various public libraries around the state are doing on a local level. Some takeaways from today include:

ALA Annual Conference 2023

2nd (and last) recap of #alaac23 (from me)

My first post started with the opening session and ended with the prediction that “it goes by so quickly!” That proved to be true. I’m writing this from the line (and then seat) for the closing session. My highlights from the past few days were the “Making an Impact: A Spotlight on Scholastic Picture Books” luncheon and the Newbery-Caldecott-Legacy dinner – and not just because I love food! At the first, it was fascinating to learn about the making of On the Tip of a Wave: How Ai Weiwei’s Art Is Changing the Tide by Joanna Ho and Cátia Chien (pictured below). I’m sad to say it doesn’t come out until 10/31, but still – mark your calendars. It is an impactful and relevant (not to mention beautifully and artfully crafted) book and one of my favorites from the entire conference. Another book discussed was I Am My Ancestors’ Wildest…

ALA Annual Conference 2023

Some Final Thoughts from #alaac23

It’s hard to believe that we’ve wrapped up another annual conference. While some are already looking forward to LibLearnX in January 2024 or even next year’s annual conference in San Diego, I’m still trying to digest everything from the last five days. With so many opportunities for learning and connection, how can I even start to summarize them? There are tons of wonderful posts here on the blog recapping some of the great sessions this year. So, I’ll leave you with some final lessons from this year’s conference. Download all the conference slides and handouts you can. Download EVERYTHING. For sessions that you attended, it’s a great way to supplement notes that you took or remember key resources from the presentation. In addition, download content that interests you from sessions you didn’t go to. You might get ideas from these resources. Even better, you’ll likely have contact information for the…

ALA Annual Conference 2023

Learning Session on Fighting Misinformation at #alaac23

After a full day in the Library Marketplace on Saturday, I started Sunday with a session, “Birds Aren’t Real: How Students Can Work Against Misinformation” by Robbie Barber, an electrical engineer turned teacher librarian from Georgia. She shared how this satirical conspiracy theory came to be, and how we can use it to teach our students to be wiser consumers of information. (Dr. Barber shared her slides here:

ALA Annual Conference 2023

Creating Welcoming Spaces at #alaac23

Immigrant and refugee communities are a large portion of our communities and our libraries. But are we doing everything we can to make our libraries a welcoming environment for those families? Sarah Polen and Jacquie Kociubuk outlined actionable strategies for libraries in their session Welcoming Spaces: Creating Welcoming Environments for Immigrant and Refugee Families.