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Are Your Forms In Order?

I don’t know about you, but I love challenges to library materials. Challenges provide an opportunity for librarians to step back and evaluate not only the item that has been challenged, but also our philosophy, policies, and procedures. While book challenges don’t happen every day, they are certainly something that libraries are prepared to handle. All you need is a diverse collection, fully trained staff, and a solid selection and reconsideration policy in place and you are ready for anything. Last year, we observed that we were getting more challenges for displays and events than we were for library materials. With no official procedure in place for handling these challenges, we were inconsistent as the process really depended on who spoke with the customer. Since our staff put as much care into selecting displays, exhibits, and programs, we needed a way to approach these challenges with the same thoughtfulness that…

ALA Annual 2019

Calling All Readers: Celebrate and Support the Freedom to Read Foundation!

Hey, ALSC members!  This post is for both the ALA Annual-going and the wish-they-were-going.  First, the going:  I know that there will be a lot happening at ALA Annual, but here’s an opportunity to celebrate that you won’t want to miss – The 50th Anniversary Celebration of The Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF) will be held Saturday, June 22, 2019 from 6-8 p.m. at the Renaissance Washington DC Downtown Hotel, 999 9th St NW, Grand Ballroom North.  Appetizers and a cash bar will be available. And, author Colson Whitehead is the keynote speaker! Register now! Read on to find out about other ways to support FTRF.

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Banned Books Week, our annual celebration of our right to read, think and speak as we wish, has been around since 1982.  Every September, we put up displays of books that have been  banned or challenged, and remind our patrons that they have the Constitutionally guaranteed right to read them. It’s a great idea, and a noble effort. But is it enough?   Let’s take a moment to think about what access to ideas and information means in the age of advanced technology, social media and rampant misinformation.

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Drag Queens Have Rights, Too

Drag Queen Story Hour is a gift to the ongoing conversation about the limits of freedom of expression. If you aren’t familiar with Drag Queen Story Hour, you might be one of the very few people who hasn’t been talking about it. No worries, you can remedy that by heading over to their website. DQSH was created by Michelle Tea and RADAR Productions in San Francisco. They then partnered with the San Francisco Public Library and later the Brooklyn Public Library, and as the website says, it is “just what it sounds like, drag queens reading stories to children in libraries, schools, and bookstores.”[1] There are many aspects of Drag Queen Story Hour that can be praised and celebrated: the inclusion, encouraging children to be themselves, and best of all, fun! Since I am writing this blog as a member of the ALSC Intellectual Freedom Committee, I am going to focus…