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Join the 2022 ALSC Institute Live Blogging Team

Are you attending the 2022 ALSC Institute? We’d love to have you consider writing guest posts for the ALSC Blog about what you are learning and experiencing! With an overarching theme of “Light Up the Future,” and packed with programming, keynotes, networking, and much more, the 2022 ALSC Institute promises to be an awesome learning opportunity designed specifically for front-line library youth services staff, children’s literature experts, education & library school faculty members, and other interested adults. Conference bloggers will help those unable to attend experience the Institute through your eyes, learning through your posts about author experiences with: Christina Soontornvat Adam Gidwitz Hena Khan B.B. Alston Julian Randall Young Vo Or you might want to help those unable to attend learn more about inclusive programming, unique partnership opportunities, and connecting with underserved communities through writing about some of the many programs being offered including: Pivot! Adapting Programming for School-Aged…

- ALA Annual Conference 2022

ALA 2022 Annual Conference Intellectual Freedom Round-Up

If you attended the ALA 2022 Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. this past June, then you know how great it was to be back in person and how many presentations and meetings there were that focused on book challenges and threats to intellectual freedom. If you missed those sessions or if you were unable to attend, below are just a few highlights. Legislation Many states across the country are targeting intellectual freedom through legislation. Deborah Caldwell-Stone, director of the ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom, reported noting three trends in legislation: 1. Targeting Librarians and Educators. This trend includes eliminating protections under the law for librarians and educators and allows suits by private citizens against them, meaning that a parent could sue a librarian for content in the library. 2. Parental Rights. This trend focuses on what legislators are calling “divisive issues” meaning content in the classroom or library that focuses…

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Our Neverending Network to Serve Children through Libraries

This is my first ALSC Blog post as the 2022-2023 ALSC President, and I am so excited to kick off this year of sharing, collaboration, and communication with library folks serving youth! My library energy levels are freshly refilled after attending the ALA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. It really “refills my cup,” so to speak, to see my place in an ongoing network of youth library folks–to see the people and work that have been here before me, the people entrenched in the work alongside me right now, and those coming up in the profession and keeping the cycle going. It is invigorating to see how wave after wave of youth-focused library workers work together, support one another, and keep the vision of better lives for all children at the center of our work, always striving to support the needs of our communities. At the conference, I was able…

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Finding Your Fit at ALA Annual

This year’s ALA Annual Conference left my head spinning from what can accurately be described as a love fest for library workers. From an ALA exclusive open house at the Library of Congress to intimate conversations with new friends, my heart and mind were overflowing. Collaborations and contributions from library advocates across the country – many of whom are students, part-time library workers, or those working in fields complementary to librarianship – enriched the conference with a depth of knowledge and expertise. Read on for a few highlights and insights from fellow conference attendees. 

- ALA Annual Conference 2022

TikTok and Libraries: A Powerful Partnership…was a Powerful Presentation!

Monday was my last day at #ALAAC2022, and I started it with a really informative presentation about using TikTok in your library. When the pandemic first started, I created a TikTok account but never used it.  (I am not sure I even remember my login information.)  Delving into a new social media platform can sometimes be daunting, so, I was really excited to attend TikTok and Libraries: A Powerful Partnership and to learn how to use TikTok to promote books and my library.  Presentations about TikTok seem to be just as popular as the social media platform itself—it was a packed house in the Convention Center!

- ALA Annual Conference 2022

Celebrating Indigenous Storytelling

I was eager to attend the United States Board on Books for Young People (USBBY) session at #alaac22. While pursuing my LIS degree, I have sought knowledge about indigenous librarianship, so Celebrate Indigenous Storytelling: Books from across the Northern Border hosted by USBBY was appealing to me. Neil Christopher and Louise Flaherty with Inhabit Media conveyed their commitment to producing stories in Inuktut, English and French. Over 80% are created by indigenous authors. Maps were shown to help us learn that the community of Iqaluit is located on the island of Baffin in the Arctic Circle.