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Risking Everything: explaining migration and internment

Risking Everything For freedom, a new life, or just a chance at life, people worldwide migrate.  Be it climate change, political strife, or economics, we live in an age of mass migration.  How we react to it as information professionals and caretakers of our community’s children is critical.  Daily, we are being tapped for explanations for these crises as well as internment.  This tugs at our heart strings, and reminds us of US’ origins and populations fleeing religious persecution in 17th century Europe. Or fleeing famine during the Irish Potato Famine. Internment Explaining internment to grade-schooled aged children can be difficult at best.  But one selection that can help illustrate the feelings behind this: The One and Only Ivan.  There’s even a movie of it, but here’s the book trailer:                                        …

ALSC Board

ALSC: Serving Immigrant & Refugee Children and Their Families

I love August.  Nice and hot so that dip in the pool or lake feels refreshing and invigorating, not cold once we slip into September.  Not a whiff of the melancholy I feel once the hot weather leaves for another year.  I hope you are enjoying August as well and looking forward to the conclusion of another successful Summer Reading/Learning. In case you think ALSC sits back and relaxes in August, I wanted to be sure to tell you about some exciting news and upcoming events.

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Preparing Caregivers for the First Day of School

Have you ever noticed that we spend an inordinate amount of time preparing children for anticipated milestones? “What books do you have with siblings?” a very pregnant, harried-looking caregiver might ask. Another approaches the desk saying, “He refuses to even go near the potty. I just want him to know it’s not scary.” These are year-round events, ones we must always be ready to handle. But there’s one milestone in the lives of small children that’s quickly, predictably approaching: the first day of school. And while it’s important to provide the perfect picture books to help those concerned caregivers, if our work stops there, we’re missing a golden opportunity to prepare caregivers right alongside those first-time school attendees.

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Library Service for Children in Migrant Detention Centers

During the ALA Annual Conference in Washington D.C. a resolution was passed by the American Library Association in regards to library service for children in detention at migrant detention centers. It denounces the existence of family and youth detention centers, the deplorable conditions found there, and the removal of educational and recreational programming including storytimes. It also urges libraries in or near their service areas to reach out and work with the local authorities, schools, and other governmental support agencies to reinstate or start outreach services to those centers.

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Reader’s Advisory Fun

  About a two months ago now, I left my job at the Boston Public Library and moved to Pennsylvania.  One of my favorite things to do while working at the BPL- and one of my favorite things about being a librarian, actually- was reader’s advisory.   When it comes to Reader’s Advisory (RA), I’m like a Dr. Seuss book.  I would do RA with a mouse, in a house, with a goat or on a boat.  I am grateful that it is one of those things that has always come naturally to me.  It’s also why I always loved purchasing books for my branches, because it allowed me to keep an eye out for books that could appeal to my most voracious, yet picky readers.

ALA Annual 2019

ALA Annual Has Come and Gone But ALSC is Still at Work!

Hello ALSC members and prospective members! I’m thrilled to be serving you as your new president!  What a whirlwind ALA Annual was!  So many great programs, books, author sightings and engagement with members and conference attendees.  A few of the outstanding programs were The Newbery/Caldecott/Legacy Banquet with heartfelt speeches by the winners, The Coretta Scott King 50th Anniversary Breakfast and the Charlemae Rollins President’s Program ‘Subversive Activism: Creating Social Change Through Libraries, Children’s Literature and Art featuring Dr. Nicole Cooke, Dr. Janina Fariñas and acclaimed author/illustrator Yuyi Morales.  The conference also featured Leadership & ALSC, and the Monday morning membership meeting and Awards presentation.  Your board met two times during the conference.  A few highlights of the meetings: A Task Force will be formed to look into diversifying and developing new revenue streams for ALSC. The Strategic Plan is nearing the 2020 completion and the board will be deciding soon…

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Summertime is KidLit-Time

I’m counting down the days until it happens, 5 weeks from now, when it all comes to a head: public schools in New York City close for the summer and Summer Reading officially begins. Maybe you’re in a community that sees an early start to summer, or maybe you have a few more weeks to prepare yourself for what will inevitably be a summer of fun, friends, and great books. My library system always has its own summer reading list, but a lot of kids like to read “off script” and pick titles that don’t coincide with the theme. Even so, they’re often looking for recommendations and an opportunity to swap some shop talk about interesting titles.