ALA Annual 2019

#alaac19 Books about Washington D.C.: Reading to Charm, Delight, and Ponder On

The grandeur of the architecture touches you as a visitor to Washington D.C. when strolling down Pennsylvania Avenue.  Is it the gracefulness of the U.S. Capitol building dome designed and constructed during Abraham Lincoln’s presidency – or something more?  Is it the inspiration of the White House, National Art Gallery East Building, and the National Archives – or something more? A captivating blend of enterprise, excellence, and goodness fills the air drawing you to explore our national treasures.  How can you be prepared to soak in this grandeur?  Can this legacy and history of the United States be captured in a short list of suggested books?  Can a few books capture the essence of the importance of Washington D.C. as the nation’s capital?   Probably not, but we can prepare you to not miss out on the essence of D.C. ALSC Local Arrangements – Eboni Njoki, committee chair, and members, Kristen…

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Think Outside, Inside, and All Around the Box!

This Wednesday (June 19th) is International Box Day, when people all over the world will be celebrating the cardboard box! Okay, so maybe not. But boxes are truly a fantastic invention. First conceived in 1817, cardboard boxes have been making moving easier for over 200 years. But for librarians, boxes are more than just packaging; they’re an incredibly versatile craft material. So if you need some inspiration for celebrating International Box Day at your library this year, look no farther! I’ve compiled some of my favorite programming ideas for a range of ages as well as storytime selections below.

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STEM Teaching Begins with Preschoolers!

toddler interacting with science exhibit in Belgharia

STEM Teaching and Learning Begins with Preschoolers! So, I was explaining STEM to my dad, a retired physicist.  He’s skeptical by nature as any good scientist should be.  When I got to the part about teaching it to preschoolers, well, let’s just say I was bombarded by particles. But hear me out – it really DOES start with preschoolers!  And I can prove it! Penny Bauder, environmental scientist, teacher and mom of two, points out that “It is never too early to start STEM education, and an ideal way to teach STEM is to go out into nature!” Boston Children’s Museum, too, points out that children have a natural curiosity.  STEM is a great way to help 3-5 year-olds to focus and refine their naturally inquisitive behaviors. Linking it up to Summer Reading 2019! Even a pre-schooler can be a NASA citizen scientist!  Download and install the GLOBE Observer app…

ALA Annual 2019

Stepping Outside Your Bubble at ALA Annual in DC

ALA Annual Conference is just around the corner –  June 20-25th 2019 in Washington, DC! Thousands of library professionals, publishers, book creators, and more will be headed to our nation’s capital to learn, celebrate, and explore with other colleagues in libraryland. There will be a variety of amazing opportunities for ALSC members to attend professional development workshops and network with each other. There have been several ALSC blog posts with suggestions on places to eat, visit, and a call from our ALSC Blog Editor, Mary Voors for volunteer bloggers during conference. However, I want to highlight a few meetings and events within ALSC and beyond that you might want to consider if you plan to attend ALA Annual. Your ALSC Board of Directors will also be hard at work in our multiple board meetings, considering various items to move our Association strategically forward. I’ll emphasize a few of those later…

ALA Annual 2019

ALA Annual Musts for Kidlit Aficionados

I attended my first ALA Annual Conference in 2008 as a relatively new children’s librarian.  It was a great experience but also a little overwhelming. Since then, I’ve only missed one Annual for a family trip to Alaska.  Over the years, I have become savvier about creating my schedule for each day.  So, whether it is your first ALA or your 10th, these are some staples to consider adding to your schedule.

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2019 Excellence in Early Learning Digital Media Award Honoree Spotlight on Pop Pop Pop’s Lexi’s World

In February, the ALSC Children and Technology Committee blog post presented the criteria for the newest Youth Media Award, the Excellence in Early Learning Digital Media Award [EELDM]. It also featured the 2019 winner, PBS’s Play & Learn Science and the first of two award honorees, Tinypbop’s Coral Reef. Today I want to take you through the second honoree, Pop Pop Pop’s Lexi’s World, to highlight some of the features that stood out to the committee particularly related to the award selection criteria. The Skills Required to Navigate and Explore the Media Should Be Developmentally Appropriate and Suitably Challenging for the Intended Audience In order for an application to receive the Excellence in Early Learning Digital Media Award, the media must make the navigation and exploration developmentally appropriate and suitably challenging for the intended audience. Lexi’s World offers the child a simple provocation—a keyboard, a girl named Lexi, and a…