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Ultimate Summer Reading Programming Guide 2021

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Summer Reading 2021 So, it’s the ninth hour. Summer Reading 2021 is just about here. Things are changing rapidly, though. COVID safety guidelines are positively fluid. What’s a children’s librarian to do?! Fear not, fearless reader — you’ve got OPTIONS! A Spectrum of Five Options Five options…well, more like 5.2 Passive programming Hybrid programming Limited seating indoor programming Outdoor programming 100% digital programming Pre-recorded Live streaming Passive Programming I know you know what it is. However! There’s an awesome new reference and even a free webinar about this very topic that I want to direct you to. The webinar is a called “Passive Programming That Pulls Them In: Provocative Passive Programming Ideas”. You can find it on Niche Academy. As a matter of fact, they have an upcoming live webinar. Here’s the 10-4: PASSIVE PROGRAMMING THAT PULLS THEM IN: PROVOCATIVE PASSIVE PROGRAMMING IDEAS Wed May 12 at 2:00 pm US…

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Virtual Programming is Here to Stay

With COVID numbers decreasing, the rollout of vaccines and the weather getting better it can seem like a good time to say goodbye to your camcorder and video editing. I am here to convince you otherwise. Virtual programming should not go anywhere. It is accessible, necessary and important for 21st century libraries. 1. We Already Know How to Do ItHalf the barrier for virtual programming in “the before” was not having the proper tools. Think about all the time and money your library has probably invested into virtual programming and how much you have grown since a year ago. Why throw away all of that valuable knowledge? 2. Virtual Programming is AccessibleVirtual programming allows individuals who cannot access the library attend programs, people who need to be able to pause something or add subtitles watch at their own pace, and reaches people outside of your geographic zone. The reach goes…

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Pandemic Connections: Being an ALSC Mentor/Mentee in 2021

The ALSC Mentoring program seeks to match individuals with an interest in library service to children together to learn from each other and support ALSC’s goals. Each person comes to the program with their own hopes, ideas and experiences and the program is well structured to support both mentor and mentee in connecting productively over a fairly short period of time, January- June.

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On Building Reading Comprehension: Jerry Craft’s New Kid and Themes of Prejudice

Back when we could still host in-person programs, my book club for fourth to sixth graders met to discuss Jerry Craft’s New Kid. I was confident they were going to like it – it was about to win the Newbery (among other awards), and I had been on a hot streak of choosing books my book club adored (not to brag!). I opened our book club discussion the same way I always do: by asking who liked the book and who didn’t, and by reminding them that it’s okay not to enjoy a book we read – they won’t hurt my feelings by expressing their opinions. This opening question lets me discretely check on their reading comprehension without feeling too much like a quiz. I was surprised when almost all my kids said they didn’t like the book – but I was downright shocked when I asked them to talk…

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Virtual Summer Reading Promotion – Take 2!

We’ve learned a lot in the last year about being flexible and working remotely. As we gear up for the second round of virtual visits, we reached out to Children’s Librarians at the King County Library System to hear what they’re planning. Thanks to Jenn Carter (JC), Sharon Chastain (SC), Jennifer Duffy (JD), and Mie-Mie Wu (MW) for sharing their experiences and ideas. What’s one of your favorite in-school visit memories?