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Hosting Your Own Mock Youth Media Award

This is the time of year when speculation on which books might take the win for our Youth Media Awards begins.  My first encounter with a mock anything took place my first December working as a children’s librarian when my library system hosted a mock Caldecott and Newbery during a day long training for all youth services staff.  Ever since then I have been hooked. I love hearing other people’s opinions on the books we look over using the lens of the different awards’ criteria. 

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Providing Mirrors, Windows, and Doors through Read-Ins

One of the main tenets of my teaching and my work with children, college students, teachers, and even parents is the importance to make children’s books about underrepresented groups as visible as possible. As someone who does not work at a library, I must do this through the courses I teach and through activities that involve the community. One such way is by hosting “Read-Ins.” So, what is a Read-In?

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A Few of Our Favorite… Authors

November 1st is National Author’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than to hype some amazing authors you – and your patrons – should definitely be reading? Much like my August post, which focused on humorous book recommendations, I’ve asked some of the best librarians I know to weigh in. The question I posed: If you could only read children’s books by one author for an entire year, who would it be and why? All answers are in the words of the librarians themselves.

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Fascinating Worlds of Children’s Lit: Adventures from the Baldwin Library

CAL Rewind, ALSC's Children & Libraries

Along with feature articles, interviews, and columns, did you know Children and Libraries also features reports written by ALSC’s Bechtel Fellowship winners? The Louise Seaman Bechtel Fellowship provides a grant of up to $4,000 for a children’s librarian to spend up to four weeks reading and studying at the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature of the George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville. And, during their visits, Bechtel winners enter some fascinating worlds of story and illustration. In this edition of CAL Rewind, we highlight Bechtel stories from past winners: Bridgid Mangan, Wendy Stephens, and Angela Reynolds. Who knows…maybe they will inspire a future Bechtel winner or two. (Bechtel Fellowship 2020 applications are still open!) The Many Faces of Little Red The Better to See You With: Peering into the Story of Little Red Riding Hood, 1695–1939 by Angela J. Reynolds Meet Little Red Riding Hood. She’s been around…

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Wordless Books in Story Time

I recently observed a story time of a newer story time presenter. I saw their passion and playfulness with the preschool crowd, but felt them trip over the words of the story a bit. Afterwards, we followed up– and I admitted that I only take the words of the books as a suggestion. A tip that I love sharing with parents and caregivers— you don’t have to read every word of the book, every time you read that book. There are many retellings of favorite books, and words are only one part of the story for “reading” the book. 

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Risking Everything: explaining migration and internment

Risking Everything For freedom, a new life, or just a chance at life, people worldwide migrate.  Be it climate change, political strife, or economics, we live in an age of mass migration.  How we react to it as information professionals and caretakers of our community’s children is critical.  Daily, we are being tapped for explanations for these crises as well as internment.  This tugs at our heart strings, and reminds us of US’ origins and populations fleeing religious persecution in 17th century Europe. Or fleeing famine during the Irish Potato Famine. Internment Explaining internment to grade-schooled aged children can be difficult at best.  But one selection that can help illustrate the feelings behind this: The One and Only Ivan.  There’s even a movie of it, but here’s the book trailer:                                        …