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Children’s Librarians are experts at asking “Why not me?”

A new year is just around the corner and we all know what that means – new year’s resolutions. As I sat down to think about what my professional development new year’s resolutions would be, so many different ideas came to mind – find a new blog to follow, attend one session at midwinter that I wouldn’t normally attend, listen to a webinar from outside of the library profession. As I was listing away in crazed Leslie Knope-fashion, a question from a blog post that a mentor shared passed through my mind and gave me pause. The question was from Bernadette Jiwa’s “The Story of Telling” monthly blog update and goes as follows: “From the time my son Kieran was ten, he told everyone who asked that he wanted to be a LEGO designer when he grew up. Some people tried to temper his enthusiasm, not because they were unkind,…

Children's Librarians are Experts

Children’s Librarians are Expert Community Organizers

At the library, we are often times the nucleus of the community. We are the safe place for crafts and activities outside of school. We are a neutral place to collaborate on homework and to assemble resources to achieve and succeed. In a lot of cases, especially when it comes to working with the youth in the community, it is the children’s librarian overseeing, planning, implementing, and being the catalyst for personal and professional growth and development of children. Through our programming, we, as children’s librarians have the opportunities to work and network with many people in the community. From guest storytellers like police and fire crew, to students logging volunteer hours for community service projects, and finally to social workers conducting their own outreach or providing services for those in the community who need the additional assistance; we have contact with nearly every agency within our communities. Children’s librarians…

Children's Librarians are Experts

Children’s Librarians are Expert in Creating Timely Current Event Programs

This fall, voting discussions were happening spontaneously wherever adults gathered: the dinner table, the grocery line, the car radio and well beyond. Kids in our neighborhood heard snippets of local and national voting issues throughout their day.  Making sure to vote was often emphasized as a top priority. Just imagine the delight of children who walked into the Tecumseh Branch of the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana when they saw a large freezer box voting booth with a “Vote for Best Pet 2018” campaign in full swing!  The premise was explained on a bulletin board directly behind the booth itself. “Dog or cat?  Your vote decides!  Customers of any age may vote from now through Tuesday, November 6th.  One vote per customer, please.  The winner will be announced with a Dog or Cat Storytime, Parade, and Victory Celebration.”  Our sole service point included voter registration cards children…

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STEAM on a Shoestring: Engineering

Looking for some ideas to inject a little life into your STEAM programming? Don’t have a lot of money to throw around? You may not know, but librarians are kind of a great resource for that. When I’m feeling run down and completely out of ideas, I like to check in with some of my favorite librarians – because chances are, at least one of them has an idea I’ve never used before, and probably never would have thought up without their input. So if you’re feeling a little lost, check out these engineering-focused suggestions from some of the greatest librarians I know: Kristin McWilliams, Youth Manager with Houston Public Library (TX) “In my After School Zone, we did a zip-line challenge the kids were really into. I told them they needed to make something that could hold plastic dinosaurs and attach to the line to carry them safely down….