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Check out the Interracial Books for Children Bulletin Archive!

Appalled by the inaccurate representation of marginalized groups, educators from the Mississippi Freedom Schools sought to inform educators, parents, and publishers about the use and selection of children’s books and textbooks. They came together to name and call out the racism, sexism, and injustice that is present in children’s literature and textbooks. They founded The Council on Interracial Books for Children (CIBC) in 1965 on the heels of the Civil Rights Movement. In 1966, CIBC published the first issue of the Interracial Books for Children Bulletin (IBCB) Bulletins provide critical, honest reviews written by educators from the specific group in question. CIBC made a point to advocate and uplift marginalized communities, including African Americans, Latinx, and Indigenous peoples through their journal. Filled with information that allows us to chart not only how far children’s literature has come but also parallels the push for representation today. Other topics include A study…

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Upcoming Deadlines for ALSC Institute Proposals and Bill Morris Submissions

ALSC National Institute, October 1 – 3, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota ALA conferences are great; we love the show floor and chances to mingle with our fellow ALSC members. But have you ever attended the ALSC Institute? Ok, it’s more of a vendor hallway than a vendor floor, but there are benefits for having a smaller footprint. Make meaningful connections with other attendees during group meals. Head to the hotel hot tub because it is fun, not because your feet feel like they are about to fall off. When everything happens at the same hotel making it to the first session of the day becomes so much easier… But ALSC Institutes don’t appear out of nowhere. We need the amazing people of ALSC to submit program proposals and share their knowledge. Whether you present or attend, the ALSC Institute makes it easy to stay “informed of current trends, emerging technologies,…

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Library Service for Children in Migrant Detention Centers

During the ALA Annual Conference in Washington D.C. a resolution was passed by the American Library Association in regards to library service for children in detention at migrant detention centers. It denounces the existence of family and youth detention centers, the deplorable conditions found there, and the removal of educational and recreational programming including storytimes. It also urges libraries in or near their service areas to reach out and work with the local authorities, schools, and other governmental support agencies to reinstate or start outreach services to those centers.

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ALA Annual Musts for Kidlit Aficionados

I attended my first ALA Annual Conference in 2008 as a relatively new children’s librarian.  It was a great experience but also a little overwhelming. Since then, I’ve only missed one Annual for a family trip to Alaska.  Over the years, I have become savvier about creating my schedule for each day.  So, whether it is your first ALA or your 10th, these are some staples to consider adding to your schedule.

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Summertime is KidLit-Time

I’m counting down the days until it happens, 5 weeks from now, when it all comes to a head: public schools in New York City close for the summer and Summer Reading officially begins. Maybe you’re in a community that sees an early start to summer, or maybe you have a few more weeks to prepare yourself for what will inevitably be a summer of fun, friends, and great books. My library system always has its own summer reading list, but a lot of kids like to read “off script” and pick titles that don’t coincide with the theme. Even so, they’re often looking for recommendations and an opportunity to swap some shop talk about interesting titles.

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Summer is Coming: Preparing Yourself and Your Loved Ones for Summer Reading Programs

As June looms closer and all of our programs and prizes that fit the Summer Reading Program theme have been selected, ordered, and organized it can become easy to ignore the self-care needed to keep our spirits and energy high throughout our busiest season.  This is my tenth summer working as a children’s services librarian and while it took a few years, my friends and family finally realize that May through July is my tax season. These are the months where I see the most patrons, do the most labor intensive programming, and host the most storytimes for a wide range of ages.   With this in mind, I have created a list of things we can do to ensure our self-care does not go by the wayside.  For while our duties will be increased our energy is finite and we must plan accordingly.

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Tiny Acts of Green

Today is Earth Day! All around the world, libraries will be putting on programs and highlighting collections that encourage youth to engage in their communities in order to protect and renew the planet we call home. This year, our library combined our passion for early childhood services with our passion for sustainability, and got extra-creative about designing a library space from a repurposed shipping container. Taking inspiration from shipping container libraries around the world, our Director, Gretchen Caserotti, got to work, collaborating with the city and local community partners (the YMCA and St. Luke’s Health Care). The shipping container was installed in July 2018, and interior and exterior finishings were completed in September, with an opening date of October 1, 2018.       Since opening, we’ve had more than 2,000 caregivers and their children come through the Tiny Library’s doors and engage in new ways with the space, and…