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Digital Storytelling and Content Creation with Children

Stories are powerful expressions and conveyors of culture that build empathy, understanding, and help children explore their places in the world. How do we support children to become responsible creators of digital stories? This was the subject of a We Are ALSC Chat on May 20, 2024. Members of the ALSC Children and Technology Committee and other ALSC members met for an hour online to dig into strategies library staff in schools and public libraries can use to ensure we are helping kids grow in the area of digital storytelling. By incorporating digital content creation into the curriculum, we are seizing an opportunity to teach our students how to create responsibly, and act as ethical digital citizens. One way we can accomplish this is through modeling. Teaching kids to protect their own copyrights can help them begin to understand the rights of others. Student work is theirs and though many…

Blogger Ariel Barreras

Girl Power! Volunteer Opportunities for Your Local Girl Scouts

At the beginning of this school year, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that our local Girl Scouts wanted to volunteer at our library! Ranging from age 8 to 12, these Girl Scouts were enthusiastic to serve their community by volunteering in the children’s department. I have greatly enjoyed working with this group, as they have showed excitement and pride in the work they have accomplished. Here are some volunteer opportunities that you can provide Girl Scouts and other child volunteers.

Blogger Jaime Eastman

Toddler Games: Motor Skills + Fun for Ages 18-36 Months

Library program room set up for Toddler Games with bean bags, blocks, crawling tunnels, and balancing stones

Do you want to engage toddlers, practice motor skills, and capitalize on the enthusiasm of the summer Olympic Games? We did! With increasing toddler attendance at our early learning programs, we wanted to add programs specific to the target age of 18 to 36 months. Practicing gross motor skills and free play was a great start, and the beginning of Toddler Games. Read on for more details.

Blogger Jonda C. McNair

Thanks for Allowing Me to Serve as Your President!

Dear Members, I recall sitting in my office one day in April 2022 and receiving a phone call from ALSC Executive Director Alena Rivers, who told me that I had been elected ALSC vice president. I was excited, nervous, and surprised that people voted for me even though I am a former elementary school teacher and professor of literacy education, and now a professor of children’s literature. Although I have not worked as a librarian, I am determinedly committed to literacy and putting books in the hands of children, and over the years, I have had close relationships with many librarians who have supported me in my work. In particular, these librarians include Mrs. Suzy McCullough, who worked at my neighborhood public library in Macon, Georgia, for 30 years and has supported me in my path since my youth; and the late, dearly missed Mrs. Margaret Chew, a librarian at…