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Geeks Win During COVID

star wars cosplayer

Winning During COVID So, winning a major award at just about any other time would come with a different set of emotions.  Winning during COVID is like holding our breath all over again.  The news, alerts and aid during COVID of course takes complete precedence.  But, you know, we geeks really can’t wait to celebrate with everyone! Excellence in Small/Rural Public Library Service Five years ago, we decided as a team to host a festival of sorts, utilizing the park next door to our library and aid from our Friends group.  I had experience with hosting all manner of large programs including an all-day Renaissance festival, so I green-lighted the project. Firstly, what is GeekFest?  And secondly, you may wonder, what makes it so special?  Geek Fest brings together youth engineering groups, writers, artisans and musicians of all ages, and groups from all across Central Florida.  Just a few of the…

Blogger Emily Mroczek-Bayci

These are unprecedented times #COVID19

I never imagined a time when librarians would be advocating to close libraries, when the ALA Annual conference would be cancelled, or when staying inside would be the norm, but here we are. #COVID19 has struck the world and it is terrifying. And that is OK. These are unprecedented times. As a librarian, it is typically hard to imagine that we could ever be deemed “un-essential.” Just because libraries are not open- does not mean we cannot help people. Librarians around the world are rising to the challenge, putting on digital story times, providing access to different resources, aiding students and teachers with online learning and more. We are proving more than ever that we can be of support, even without our physical buildings and materials. The pressure to produce can be overwhelming. I am inundated with e-mails and Facebook notifications every time I log online. There seems to be an…

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Honoring Infancy: Upcoming Webinars!

In April and May, the Early Childhood Programs and Services Committee will be hosting a series of free webinars on the topic of working with infants in the library. Here’s what’s coming: The first is Honoring Infancy: Growing the Garden – Nurturing a Play and Early Learning Space on Tuesday, April 14th at 3:00 PM Eastern. “Let’s Do It” you proclaim. As a youth professional you have established the importance of play. But how do you get there and create a space supported by the library and your community? Join Mike Rogalla and Tori Ogawa from ALSC’s Early Childhood Programs & Services committee as we explore library play and learning spaces for the youngest of patrons. Whether you’re working with a small budget or looking to redesign your space you can create a play and learning space. Register here. Next, we will offer Honoring Infancy: Libraries Welcoming Babies on Thursday,…

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Incorporating Intellectual Freedom into Outreach

Incorporating intellectual freedom into outreach in a fun and engaging manner is an essential component of bringing our core values into the community, and bringing the library beyond its physical borders. Some of the tips listed below can be applied broadly to all types of outreach and communication/collaboration with outside agencies and organizations.

Blogger Building Partnerships committee

Library Partnerships in a Time of Crisis

Every month the ALSC Building Partnerships committee is responsible for writing a blog post, normally it highlights a successful program or event that was made possible through a partnership with an outside organization. In light of recent COVID-19 related events, in which many of the libraries across the country have been forced to cancel programs and close our doors to the public for the foreseeable future, I thought it might be timely to follow up on Cecilia McGowan’s earlier post about how we are responding in our communities— specifically as it relates to some of our partner organizations and institutions.  As youth librarians, our most important partners are our schools and educators— which these days also includes many parents who have been thrown into homeschooling for the first time. In my library system, our youth services staff have already been busily trying to figure out ways that we can help…

Blogger Kaitlin Frick

National Poetry Month Reading Recommendations

Library services across the country are in a sort of limbo at the moment. While your library may be open today, there’s no telling if the same will be true next week or next month. I’m currently functioning in a work-at-home fugue as we all do our best to figure out what an entirely remote library service model looks like, in a time when no one’s sure what the future holds. Whether your library is open or closed, National Poetry Month is quickly approaching. And while I may be using these titles in a different way than I’d originally imagined – it’s a bit difficult to do a book display without shelves – here are some of my top poetry picks for kids: