ALA Midwinter 2015

Swirling With New Ideas #alamw15

There’s a bit of snow outside (in case you haven’t heard) which brings the normal intensity of ALA Midwinter up a notch or two. The shuttle busses are still running and I have winter boots, but I’m taking a pause from snowstorm + meeting logistics to reflect on the thoughts swirling in my head. It’s easy to rush around ALA soaking up sessions, networking with familiar and new colleagues, and nabbing book galleys. It’s also just as easy to return home, collapse, and pick up where you left off, leaving ALA inspirations on the floor along with your empty  luggage. That’s why I’m using #snowstormlinus as an opportunity to catch my breath and gather my thoughts. Jenna Nemec-Loise gave an enthusiatic and inspiring keynote at the ALSC Leadership meeting yesterday morning and it’s sticking with me. During the session, Jenna led us through an exercise on writing and practicing elevator…

ALA Midwinter 2013

Everyone’s Wearing the Caldecott 75th Anniversary Button at #alamw13

 Forget name badge ribbons–the Caldecott 75th Anniversary button is the hot bling here at Midwinter!  It’s so exciting to see the fabulous logo created by 2008 Caldecott Medal Winner Brian Selznick in its fancy new swag format.  The buttons are a great visual poll of who has joined the 2012-2013 celebration.  Want to learn more?  Check out the Caldecott 75th Anniversary website. And along those lines, I met with the 75th Anniversary Task Force this morning and fantastic things are in store for the final months of the celebration.  If you think the new button is snazzy, wait until you hear what is in store for the banquet at ALA Annual 2013 in Chicago.  There will be red carpet events both online and in person–did someone say formal attire and signature cocktail?