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Author Kevin Henkes Understands Children

#PLA2012 I had the honor of hearing author Kevin Henkes speak yesterday.  He is one of my favorite authors and I use his books for storytime sessions quite often. He read parts of his books out loud to us, what a treat!  He feels “small things matter for children because small things are big to them.” Another major theme for him is imagination. His characters are bursting with it, like “Lily who wears her imagination on her sleeve.” Henkes likes repetition in words and pictures for his stories. He usually works out the story first, writing it out on paper then transferring the ideas via his typewriter. He wants the rhythm to be exactly right. It matters to him that “the book provides the reader or listener with something greater, honoring the inner life of children.” He gets the names for his characters from baby name and sometimes even telephone…

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Libraries, Multimedia, and Technology

#PLA 2012 Chris Cerf award winning co-creator and co-producer of PBS’ Between the Lions  spoke at the Libraries, Multimedia, and Technology session. He is working with the AWE company to bring his interactive learning products to children all over the country.  He demonstrated how it works and it was very cool. The technology is easy to use and fun. Kids can click on words and an animated dictionary will show them the definition of a word. Young children can teach themselves reading skills by exploring the many aspects of the technology.  Cerf has seen through his work with libraries and schools that literacy improves when videos and games are introduced to children as a learning tool. He noted that when children watch their favorite characters on T.V. or online, they get very excited to read about them.

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An Inspiring Start

#PLA12 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was our keynote speaker. He told us about his fight to save the environment through clean energy and protecting our rivers and lakes.  As a children’s librarian, I was very inspired to hear about his work and passion for our future.  I thought it was a wonderful way to start the conference. This is my first PLA and I am enjoying every minute. I am meeting librarians from all over the country who are very friendly and enthusiastic about being here too. I briefly went to the vendor exhibits.  First on my list was DK publishing because they were giving away posters and Star Wars books.  I can’t wait to add them to our collection.  Tomorrow author Ann Droyd is signing and giving away copies of Good Night iPad.  I am  hoping to get a copy!


A Lovely Welcome to PLA and Philadelphia

#PLA12 We received a lovely welcome to PLA and Philadelphia today.  The weather was fabulous and the convention hall was decked out and ready to greet us. Since we preregistered, our badges and bags of information were there waiting. There are many excellent program choices for children’s services. New ideas keep us young for the kids.  I am excited to hear about them and share a few with all of you.   Author Kevin Henkes is speaking on Thursday. His session is the one I am looking forward to hearing the most. I have been using the PLA app to plan my days. It had been an excellent organization and information tool.