ALSC Bylaws

Electoral Process Efficiencies on the 2022 ALSC Ballot

The ALSC Board of Directors recently considered recommendations from the 2021 Nominating and Leadership Development Committee regarding Electoral Process Efficiencies. After considering the committee’s recommended changes to ALSC bylaws, the Board decided to bring the recommendation to ALSC members for a vote on the 2022 ballot. The exact language that will appear on the ballot, as well as pros and cons of the changes, are being developed and will be shared with members once they are confirmed. In the meantime, the Board wants members to have information to understand this forthcoming ballot item.

ALSC Board

Greetings. Let’s Engage.

Greetings! Saludos! I’m Lucia Gonzalez, 2021-22 ALSC President, and I have a confession to make:  I have never written a blog post.  This is my very first post and I look forward to our future conversations about ALSC, children’s librarianship, or the world in general.  I would like to dedicate my initial President’s blog post to the subject of engagement.  The word engagement in Spanish is compromiso, such as when two people promise themselves to one another in the step before marriage.  It also means commitment, undertaking, obligation, pledge and promise.