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What made me read?

The new Scholastic Kids and Family Reading Report was released last month, and it has some interesting statistics in it. For instance: “Three critical measures of a school-aged child’s (ages 6–17) relationship with reading have remained fairly steady since 2010. In the seventh edition of the Kids & Family Reading Report: -Fifty-eight percent say they love or like reading books for fun. -Fifty-two percent agree reading books for fun is extremely or very important. -Thirty-one percent read books for fun 5–7 days a week (known as frequent readers); 41% of kids read for fun 1–4 days a week (known as moderately frequent readers); 28% of kids read for fun less than 1 day a week (known as infrequent readers).” “In the past two years, both kids and parents are less likely to say that when picking a children’s book to read for fun, the type of book doesn’t matter, it…

Blogger Lisa Nowlain

Kindness and civility?

kindness civility?

I wonder if the call for kindness in our profession in reaction to the Wilder Award change, and in the past, is related to the call for civility happening nationally. Both are often leveled at BIPOC, LGBTQIA, immigrants, or other vulnerable folks, and can feel like a call to… Let’s listen to what Ijeoma Oluo, Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, Amelia N. Gibson, Dr. Dawn Quigley, Alia Jones, and countless other BIPOC are saying. For instance: The latest debate on the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award has brought up a lot of conversation online. What people are missing is that the conversation, and the way we have it, are actually connected to people’s physical and emotional safety – not specifically in the moments of conversations we are having, but in a culture that kills and oppresses BIPOC. Lisa Nowlain is the Youth Librarian at Madelyn Helling Library in Nevada City, CA. She is…

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If humans were oviparous

I have been looking around at all the pregnant people at our library and thinking hard about what life would be like if we laid eggs. Would we need incubators at the library? Would we have storytimes for eggs? Babies might come out a lot more developed, so we’d have to change baby storytime. Hopefully there would be more gender equality. Honestly, this month’s post is a little wackadoo because your humble Youth Library is losing it over Summer Reading (and all the programs that happen before it). Lisa Nowlain is the Youth Librarian at Madelyn Helling Library in Nevada County, CA. She is also an artist type.