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Flash Reading Mob at #alaac14

This morning I participated in the Vegas Flash Reading Mob with a small (but very excited) crowd of participants. We met under the Eiffel Tower at 8am on the strip and froze for 5 minutes to read. I took the opportunity to increase awareness of the need for diverse books and read Jacqueline Woodsons’s new book Brown Girl Dreaming. This event was put together by librarians from the American Library in Paris, who also created a very successful flash reading mob under the real Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

ALA Annual 2014

Guerrilla Storytime at #alaac14

If you never gotten the chance to attend a Guerrilla Storytime and you are a storytime leader in your library, you’ve got to try and get to one of these amazing sharing events. A group of librarians meet usually in a common area to not only share storytime songs, fingerplays, tips and tricks, but to advocate for themselves and show other librarians that storytime isn’t just about reading stories, but about so much more! Also, you’ll have to take a look at Storytime Underground, an amazing resource for storytime leaders!

ALA Annual 2014

Reflections of an Emerged Leader at #alaac14

So as of 4:00pm, I am officially an Emerged Leader from the program of ALA. If you’re looking for leadership training and have fewer than five years of experience, you should definitely take a look at this worthwhile program. And the best part -75% of our Emerging Leaders were sponsored by state associations, round tables, and other organizations, which makes the financial concerns much less worrisome. Overall, it was an amazing experience, where I met so many librarians who had the same passion for their career as I do. I have so much respect for the work these librarians are doing in their communities. And I really enjoyed working on a group project where each one of us was committed and willing to get the work done in time for the annual conference. If you have any interest in getting more involved in ALA, take a look at this beneficial…

ALA Midwinter 2014

Author: David Lubar on the Pop Top Stage

David Lubar spoke on the Pop Top Stage, Popular Topics Everyday for an hour shortly after the Youth Media Awards. He is a hysterical author who talked about his books, read from his new young adult book coming out in the fall of 2015, and told some very funny jokes. A local author from New Jersey, he is so funny to listen and is definitely an author for boys who love Captain Underpants for his younger novels and does some great work for middle grade students and young adult too! I’m excited to hear him again when he comes to our library this summer for an author visit with our kids.

ALA Midwinter 2014

Notable Children’s Books

One of the most interesting sessions to stop in and see at any point during the conference is the Notable Children’s Books committee discussion. Whereas many committees meet behind closed doors, this group invited anyone at the conference to come and listen in as the committees discusses, literally every book on the list. The committee gives a brief synopsis of the book and then the committee discusses both he positive aspects of he story as well as concerns they may have about the book. Their discussion about these books brings up all aspects of the story the language, the storytelling, character development, as well as plot and setting. If you’re interested in the books on the Notable Children’s Discussion list, take a look and see what you think will make it!

ALA Midwinter 2014

ALA Emerging Leaders

I spent Friday in the 2014 ALA Emerging Leaders workshop – met so many amazing librarians from across the country and learned some valuable leadership skills that I’ll use for the rest of my career. If you’re unfamiliar with the ALA Emerging Leaders program, learn more about it on the ALA website.  The Emerging Leaders program is a leadership development program that teaches new librarians the ins and outs of the ALA organization as well as providing opportunities to become involved in the organization at a number of levels. As an Emerging Leader this year, I’ll be working as part if a small group on a project for one of the ALA round tables. We’ll be presenting our project at a poster presentation at the ALA Annual Conference in Las Vegas in June. This is an exciting project and I’m excited to work with librarians for a cross the country….