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Favorite Reads in 2016

With 2016 drawing to a close, newspapers, journals, magazines, blogs, and other publications have released their favorite books, movies, TV shows, and recordings that were released in 2016. We are also exactly one month away from the announcements of the Youth Media Awards! With that in mind, let’s discuss our favorite reads (with a 2016 publication date) from this year. Board books, chapter books, poetry, nonfiction….I’d love to see what grabbed your mind and heart this year, especially if you think that it has been overlooked in the “best books” lists.

Blogger Jennifer Schultz

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Books for National Good Neighbor Day

Did you know that National Neighbor Day is celebrated on the 3rd Saturday of the month? There seems to be some contrasting information on when it is actually celebrated (Brownie Locks and other sites list it as always being on September 26), but celebrating neighborhoods where people live, work, and play happily together is something that I can get behind on any day of the year.


Celebrate Shark Week!

If you’ve noticed your 597.31 section rapidly depleting recently, you’re probably aware that it’s Shark Week! Children’s books about sharks are popular year-round at our libraries, but I always seek out the latest children’s books published about sharks when June/July creep closer. Thankfully, 2016 has brought us some attention-grabbing guides to these oft-misunderstood creatures:

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Fabulous Fathers: Books for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to bring out our favorite books about fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and other father figures. If you’re looking for some new additions to add to your collection, displays, or book lists, consider these recently published titles:   (image taken from Penguin Random House site) Anna McQuinn’s Leo series is a charmer. Now that we’ve tagged along while Leo enjoyed a babies program (similar to a lapsit story time) and a story from big sister Lola, it’s time to join him on a big outing–baby swim class! Dad and Leo have fun kicking, splashing, and just getting comfortable in the big pool. Now that pool season is in full swing, Leo Can Swim is an adorable story to share with your toddler story time groups.   (image taken from US Macmillan site) Accompanying dad on a weekend hardware store errand is something that is a part…

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Robot Reads

With the popularity of robotics programs in schools and community groups, interest in robots and robotics is high! If you’d like to add a technological flair to your displays or booklists, consider these fun titles with high appeal for a wide range of readers: (image taken from Penguin Random House) Boy + Bot is a sweet and funny story that highlights friendship, kindness, and misunderstandings. When Bot’s power is accidentally switched off, he attempts to re-spark Bot with applesauce and books. When Boy falls asleep, Bot tries to rouse him with oil and by reading aloud from his instruction manual. Luckily, an inventor steps in to smooth things over. (image taken from Penguin Random House) Hilo Book 1: The Boy Who Crashed to Earth was one of my top favorite graphic novel reads in 2015; I am anxiously waiting for the sequel to arrive soon! Two friends befriend a friendly,…

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Celebrating Moms (and Grandmoms!)

There is no shortage of amazing picture books about mothers and grandmothers, but there is definitely always a need for more books that include mothers from different cultures and walks of life. If you’re planning a story time, display, or book list for Mother’s Day, include these books to reflect the diversity of your patron population: (image taken from Donna Jo Napoli’s website) With warmer days getting closer and closer, beach stories will soon be in high demand in no time. Hands and Hearts is not only a gorgeously illustrated story about a fun trip to the beach, but it also incorporates American Sign Language to tell this story of a mother and her young daughter  discussing their big outing.   Where do many families celebrate Mother’s Day? At grandmother’s house, of course! Full Full of Love  follows a large extended family as they enjoy a fabulous feast at grandmother’s…

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April Fools’ Day at the Library

Are you planning April Fool’s hijinks at your library? Even if you don’t plan to announce to your Facebook followers that books will now be shelved according to color, you can celebrate with reading or displaying books that involve trickery or unexpected endings: (image taken from Scholastic) I’m leaving off several titles in the name of brevity, but I couldn’t forget Eric Kimmel’s retelling of Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock.  The clever spider (in some stories, he’s human) tricks the other animals in the forest with much glee and abandon, until he meets his match in shy little Bush Deer. When parents/community members ask for recommendations for a “guest reader” session in which they are participating, I inevitably recommend this title.   (image taken from Julia Sarcone-Roach’s website) The Bear Ate Your Sandwich was one of my top favorite pictures books of 2015. I don’t want to give too much…