Three Things I Forgot About Last Week

Things have been a little crazy.  We started a 1000 Books before Kindergarten pilot program this month.  The full rollout will begin in January of 2017. I am floored by the amount of work it required to get a program like this up and running the way it should be. If I hadn’t had a wonderful, thoughtful and extremely detailed person partnering with me, the program would have quickly disintegrated into mayhem.  I’ll be talking about this in my next two blog posts. As a result of the enormity of this task, I started getting a little grouchy. Okay, a lot grouchy.  These are the things I needed to remind myself of: I forgot that I still need to be available to the families that I serve. A to-do list can take over everything.  People matter more than the next item that needs to be checked off. There has got to be…

Blogger Ericka Chilcoat

Warning: This Will Be Your Toughest Customer.

After working for 20 plus years as a children’s librarian, I feel very comfortable with young people. I’m good at getting them to open up and tell me what they are looking for. Children come in with parents in tow, after visiting the library with their class. “Remember me?” they ask, and I always let them know that they are unforgettable.