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Little Red and Wolf

A little over five years ago, I started making a felt board version of Little Red Riding Hood. I headed to the Internet to find a couple of different versions, so I could decide which figures I would use and how I would tell the story.  I found this Italian version, and was completely sidetracked. That felt story is still unfinished. But my fascination with this old tale was renewed, and I started dreaming about doing an in-depth study of Little Red.

Blogger Angela Reynolds

Little lessons from big libraries

Sometimes, working in small rural libraries is difficult. Single-staffed branches have limited time for youth programming. There’s no room for large comfy chairs or crawl-through shelving. And yet, children swarm the place, coming in every day after school, for weekly storytime, or to play Minecraft on the public computers. When I visit large, urban libraries, and see amazing children’s rooms, I swoon at all that space, all those bright colours and beautiful furniture.

Blogger Angela Reynolds

Trick or Treat?

“Want to wear a costume in a graveyard and be in a movie?” On a recent vacation to New England, I was asked if I’d like to make a little day trip to Boston to help out with a literacy project my friend Kirsten was working on. It was going to happen in a graveyard. I got to wear a costume. I got to hang out with people who love, promote, and write kid’s books. How could I say no?

Blogger Angela Reynolds

Wizarding world comes home with me

I admit to being one of the librarians who took advantage of the ALA conference being in Orlando and making the pilgrimage to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was a Professional Development activity, honest it was. I did buy some souvenirs to give away as Summer Reading Prizes. But I also got some great ideas to add to my Harry Potter nights that I hold fairly regularly.