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#LookToLibraries: How ALSC Continue to Help Us Navigate in the New Year

The Membership Committee does a lot of interesting work for ALSC in the background – we make sure that we are recruiting new members through diverse channels, that we are supporting existing members with meaningful engagement opportunities like Virtual ALSC 101 or helping members volunteer for the committees that best align with their interests, and that we are retaining members even through times of hardship and uncertainty, by supporting initiatives like the Relief Renewals for BIPOC Members (funded by Friends of ALSC). To meet our goal of supporting members in their meaningful engagement, what I would like to do today is to highlight some other important work being done by member-volunteers of ALSC. Maybe this will inspire you, our reader, to make Getting Involved with ALSC one of your New Year’s Resolutions!

Blogger ALSC Membership Committee

Ways to Engage During ALA Midwinter 2021

ALA Midwinter Virtual 2021 is just around the corner (January 22-26, 2021)! We hope you’ve already registered or are thinking about it, as it’s a great way to support the conference work of ALA and ALSC.  Whether you’re registered or not there are lots of opportunities to engage with ALSC during Midwinter. Please note that this year registration is free to ALA student members and members who have been furloughed, laid off, or are experiencing a reduction in work hours. 

Blogger ALSC Membership Committee

What ALSC Means to Me (While I’m Not Working)

Like many of my fellow librarians, I am currently not working. While I am not working by choice to care for my daughter, I know others did not make this choice and were laid off or furloughed. This is a tough time for everyone. So why do I keep my membership up to date? Frankly, ALSC is more important to me now than when I was employed. ALSC provides community, resources, and opportunities. Thus, when I go back on the job market, I know I’ll be competitive. Community ALSC provides a community that I can turn to when I’m looking for support and it keeps me connected to the field. I’ve made so many valuable friendships through ALSC and received some great mentorship that I have relied on through all the changes in my career. I found my mentor when serving on a committee. She has improved my booktalking skills…

Blogger ALSC Membership Committee

Relief Renewals for BIPOC Members

If you’re a reader of this blog, you read about the amazing work that ALSC members are doing all the time. You hear about innovative programs and services, you get to virtually meet library workers from across the nation, and you hear about the work ALSC members are doing for our organization. Your ALSC Membership Committee posts monthly and often highlights ways that being a member of ALSC has enhanced our professional lives. Now, Friends of ALSC wants to help some of our engaged members stay engaged with relief renewals for BIPOC members. We know that many ALSC members have been laid off, furloughed, or otherwise find themselves unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has disproportionately affected people who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or People of Color). Friends of ALSC will fund 50 ALA and ALSC membership renewals to BIPOC members who find themselves in this position and…

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Get Involved in ALSC

So you’ve joined ALSC, what next? This post is for anyone looking to get involved in ALSC. There are several current and upcoming opportunities for ALSC members that I want to share with you today. Tune in to a Committee Meeting While many of the selection committees have closed meetings, did you know that all ALSC process committee meetings are open to ALSC members? Serving on a process committee is a fun way to get involved in ALSC while contributing meaningful work and getting to know fellow library workers all over the country. You can find agendas and schedules for upcoming meetings on the ALSC Community space on ALA Connect.  Sitting in on a committee meeting is a great way to find out more about the work that our organization is doing and to “try on” committees to see where you might want to get involved in ALSC. It’s also…

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ALSC 101 (Virtual!) Recap

Every June, ALSC members gather on the Saturday night of ALA Annual to get to know one another, play games, win some prizes, and learn more about the Association. It is also an opportunity for prospective members to see what ALSC is about and to learn how to get involved. When the conference went virtual this year, ALSC 101 went virtual as well. Held on August 1st, Virtual ALSC 101 welcomed a panel of new and seasoned members, a trivia game, and breakout sessions. 

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ALSC Annual Membership Meeting

If you didn’t know ALSC had its annual membership meeting in early June, that’s okay! It’s archived here and I recommend checking it out. The switch to virtual programming and meetings is annoying in some ways, but it has increased accessibility for many. That includes this opportunity to attend a meeting that, in the past, you would have had to go to the Annual Conference for. The ALSC Annual Membership Meeting began with Dr. Claudette McLinn accepting the Distinguished Service Award. Watch the recording for Dr. McLinn’s lovely speech, including highlights of her long career in school libraries and children’s literature.  Next were updates on ALSC business, including the status of events like the Arbuthnot Lecture, the National Institute, and the Children’s Literature Legacy Lecture. The Public Awareness Committee shared some ways to adapt the Championing Children’s Services Kit to today’s world.  A long conversation followed, moderated by the ALSC…