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A Space Adventure!: Space-Themed Activities for Children

Because this summer’s theme is Adventure, I wanted to create an adventure based on what the children in my community love to learn about: space! Space is a great base for a children’s program, as there are so many resources and activities that can be utilized. We will be hosting a Space Adventure at the library, complete with crafts, play, and fun-filled displays. Here are some of the space-themed activities we will have for children this summer.

Courtesy of the author. Cardboard rocket made by our lovely library assistant!

Space Activity #1: Pipe Cleaner Constellations

With some pipe cleaners and star beads, children can make their own constellations! This is a very easy craft that introduces children to STEM concepts. For this activity, I will be utilizing these constellation cards, as this will make it easier for children to replicate real constellations.

Space Activity #2: Clay Planets

If there is one thing children love, it is clay! One of our craft stations will be a “Clay Planet” craft, in which kids will put together their own planets using air-dry clay and paint. This is a very simple craft, but can get messy very quickly. I would suggest pre-rolling the clay for the children and test out beforehand what kinds of paint work best with the clay.

Space Activity #3: Mission Control Play Area

Because we are opening this program up to children of all ages, we want to make sure that even the youngest space explorers get to join in on the fun. We are putting together our own Mission Control Play Area! So far, we have created a rocket-ship out of cardboard. Next step would be to create a “Mission Control” simulator, made with cardboard, laminated pictures, and much more, similar to this blog’s own space-themed play area. In addition to our creative play area, we will include coloring and sticker stations for the little ones playing in this area.

Books to Display

A library program is not complete without a matching book display! For this program, I want to highlight both non-fiction and fiction books about space. Here are some of the books I plan on displaying:

What are some space-themed activities for children that you have done at your library? Share them in the comments below!

This blog post addresses ALSC Core Competency III. Programming Skills and Competency IV. Collection Knowledge and Management.

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