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Positivity: Staying Energized Through Summer Programming

Are you overwhelmed, overworked, and overstimulated this summer? Is summer your favorite and also your busiest time of the year? You must be a public library youth librarian! Let’s help each other recharge and stay energized by sharing positivity. Let’s think about the best parts of our job, the things that make us smile, and the moments that make it all worth it. Please put them in the comments below! I’ll start.

Finding the reluctant reader a book

We all know the kids who don’t love reading but have to. Think of that moment when we have recommended 25 books they disliked and that 26th book is perfect. They love it and put the whole series on hold. That is an amazing feeling and you just made a reader and spread the positivity.

Patrons telling you they repeated a program at home

You spend months planning a STEAM program and a family comes back to tell you they did your experiment or activity again at home because they loved it so much. This could also be the case with kids acting out storytime, pretending to be the librarian, or doing art projects at home that you showed them. You know your hard work was worth it and you made a difference.

Smiles and artwork

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting artwork from children. I display it at my desk for a while and when it gets too full, I keep them in a folder at my desk. It cheers me up knowing that children think to make something special just for me.

This picture was from a little girl. Over a week ago, she asked me what my favorite color was. This morning, she gave me a picture she drew of a pink book because I read books to her. There is rain because we read books about rainy days and storms. It made my entire day better.

Photo courtesy of Kirsten Caldwell

Connecting with children

I am sure we have all had shy children who maintain a room’s distance away from us at all times when they first come to the library. Over time, after reading, singing, and talking with them, they eventually come running to tell us everything that happened that day. Connecting with kids is such a great feeling.

Other resources

Check out this post from the ALSC blog from last month because there are some great tips about positivity and doing summer programming with a smile.

Reading eggs wrote a post with 11 benefits of summer reading programs and these are sure to make you feel important…because YOU ARE IMPORTANT!

Your turn

What is your favorite part of the job? Spread the positivity in the comments.

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  1. Kary Henry

    I love hearing my name shouted from the playground near the Library as I walk from the parking lot to the Library. That “Hi, Ms. Kary!” never fails to make my day or remind me that making connections is so important!

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