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A Reading Challenge of Olympic Proportions

In an effort to supplement the Summer Reading program at my library, and to celebrate the upcoming Olympics; I created an Olympic Summer Reading log. I know this will be a fun, extra competition for summer readers of all ages, as the challenges are easily adaptable for different age ranges. The picture below is probably mostly targeted towards students.

Image of Olympic Reading challenge with 5 rings representing different challenges and summer Olympic categories.

I choose the five rings of the Olympics as they are iconic and I wanted to make the challenge simple to complete. I researched some popular summer Olympic events, and then did looked online to see what had already been completed. I recommend checking out the following resources. A school librarian in Australia created a resource of Olympic themed activities, crafts, and a reading challenge. Also, a library service in Canada created a very fun looking Adult Summer Olympic Reading challenge, that I borrowed some ideas from.

I created 5 challenges, one for each ring, and each featuring a summer Olympic event.

Swimming: Read a book about water, water sports, with water on the cover.

Weightlifting: Read a book over 200 pages.

Artistic Gymnastics: Read a graphic novel.

Marathon: Read for 30 minutes straight.

Surfing: Read a book or chapter while standing on one foot.

Patrons will have from July 26th to August 11th, the same time as the actual Olympics, to complete the challenge and turn it in for an extra summer reading prize.

In addition to this reading challenge, my library will also be having a drop in craft featuring the Olympics, as well as an Olympic kid obstacle course. Let the games begin!

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