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What Does Earth Day Have to do with Art?

A cookie tray with a piece of flat plastic covered with flowers; some bread ties, arranged; some rubber bands, arranged; a red ribbon; a row of coffee wrapper ties; a row of bread tie discs, arranged; a piece of plastic with the number 1912.

Art and Earth Day? I mean, they’re not even in the same Dewey Decimal Classification categories! One is in the 700s (art) and the other is generally in the 300s (Social Sciences, anyone?) But stay with me. I recently found a picture book called How to Spot an Artist. It is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E, and yet philosophical and deep–adults and children will love this encouraging book that lets you know that art and artists exist any and everywhere. You never know, you might be an artist, dear library friend.

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I also found a book about collage and another book about making art from ocean plastic. Which made me wonder about a mash-up of art and Earth Day. I know, I’m a day late, Earth Day was yesterday. But there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the day late (it’s still April!) or focusing on environmental art as you think forward to craft programs for the rest of the school year or summer reading.

3 books: How to spot an artist; Washed Ashore: Making art from Ocean Plastic; Playing with Collage.
photo by author

I had a pile 13 books high and these three called out to me and voila! I started this blog post. I am a big fan of process art for all ages–you are not necessarily going for a perfect product–it’s more about how the process helps you to be creative. Process art is not necessarily for the public eye. It’s not just a warm-up, though it could be.

I started working on something here. I call it “My Junk Drawer: organized.” I just noodled with the items I found in my junk drawer. I’ve been wanting to do something with the Starbucks bag for ages–I love the floral arrangements. Then I just played with the other stuff, arranging them as I liked. What would you do with the items below? What “junk” do you have around that could be made into a piece of process art?

photo by author.

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