Looking Back: 7 Years of ALSC Blogging

After seven years of regularly blogging for the ALSC blog, it’s time to take a break.

I have really enjoyed my experiences blogging for ALSC and the support of Mary Voors, blog manager, all of the ALSC staff and of course the readers!

My first post was a guest post back in October of 2016 where I wrote about a pumpkin decorating contest we held at my library. Program in a posts usually stand the test of time and are fun and easy to write!

Other fun posts included:

It’s been a fun ride, and looking back at past posts makes me want to keep running. One day! In the meantime, do YOU have post ideas?! Mention in the comments, and look into blogging yourself!

It’s a pretty awesome opportunity to be able to share your work and thoughts to such a large and supportive community and I encourage library workers young or old to do the same. There are many different ways to blog for ALSC including as a monthly ALSC blogger, through an ALSC committee and a guest contributor. You can read the blog policies here, fill out a volunteer form here, and contact the blog manager for more information at alscblog@gmail.com.

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