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Winter Programming

Winter is here and even though we are starting to prep for summer reading, the patrons are living in the moment. We have our schedule full of winter programming to keep our families busy during these cold Wisconsin months! I can say that I am never bored and my planner, coffee, and chocolate are necessities.

Reading Program

Every February, we have a winter reading BINGO with various activities. We have two different BINGO sheets and one is for ages 0-5 and one for ages 6-18. This year, we chose to go with the Beanstack theme For the Love of Reading since we have recently launched Beanstack at our libraries. When the kids get a BINGO, they get to choose a book to keep as their prize. If they choose to fill in every square of the sheet, they get entered to win a gift card to a local business. Families love this program and while it is a reading program, we include activities to get them moving too!

Blind Date With a Book

This is a popular program that I launched last year with much excitement. It is one of my favorite programs because people get excited to open library books like they are presents. I wrote an article last year about the planning it took because before I started I don’t think I knew what a massive undertaking it was. This year, I started my prep in November. We are extending it to two weeks this year because we got such good feedback!

Interactive Display Wall

Winter programming does not have to be all active programs! We love doing interactive display walls, especially in the winter. This year, our wall says “We Are Smitten With Books”. Kids can color a mitten, cut it out, and glue it onto the wall. I made a sign that says they can put their favorite thing about winter on it and a lot of them have done that as well. By the end of winter, we typically have hundreds of pictures on the wall and we try to do something different every year.

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Scavenger Hunt

I wrote a post on the ALSC blog earlier this year about my scavenger hunts. They are especially popular in the winter because families come to the library looking for something to do while it is cold out. I was doing seasonal ones, but I started running out of ideas for differnet seasonal images and decided to do a storybook character one. A few characters I did were Elephant and Piggie, Pooh, Clifford, the Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Pete the Cat. This one has been super popular and since it isn’t seasonal, I have been able to leave it up longer than normal which is great because I am busy!

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Other Programs

We continue our regular programming like storytimes, our quarterly art program, our LEGO program that happens a few times a year, and some special shows that we have funding for from a donor.

What other winter programs does your library do? Share in the comments!

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