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Middle Grade Horror Fiction

As the weather turns toward fall and the days shorten, some young readers might be turning to spooky books. Do you get chills when you handle questions about middle grade horror fiction? Fear not! There are plenty of resources available to help you navigate the genre that goes bump in the night… even if it’s not part of your TBR stack.

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A popular genre for all ages, sometimes horror is not always considered when doing reader’s advisory with children. But like other genres, middle grade horror fiction includes a variety of diverse voices and topics to explore, and studies have shown that reading scary stories can help build resilience, confidence, and more. The relatively recent addition of a Middle Grade award category to the Horror Writers Association’s Bram Stoker Awards also suggests that these genre titles will continue to be on the rise. From supernatural elements, genre mash-ups, and other high stakes situations, middle grade horror fiction offers a fast paced, fun, and popular option any time of year.

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From a Scary Stories read-aloud and write-a-thon, spooky gingerbread building paired with haunted house tales, to FrankenSTEAM fun, there are lots of ways to build time for creepy fun at the library. If you’re not sure where to start, look for book tips and program ideas from Summer Scares, a partnership between Book Riot, Booklist, United for Libraries, and the Horror Writers Association (HWA). Check out Spooky Middle Grade to connect writers with virtual classroom and library visits. If you’re still wondering why kids love horror, read ALSC blogger Chelsey Roos’ take here. Since many children’s horror titles deal with serious issues like loss, illness, peer pressure, and other fear-inducing themes, horror is a valuable genre to consider for topics-oriented reader’s advisory too. From the magical and mysterious to strange adventures, children’s horror offers an entry point for fans of monsters and much more.

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