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Why We Work in Libraries

Meet the 2023-2024 Public Awareness and Advocacy Committee! To kick off the new term, we asked members a question that’s at the heart of library advocacy: “Why do you work in libraries?” This simple query sets the stage for the timely and relevant work we are undertaking as a committee, and as library workers. Advocacy starts with our personal conviction to librarianship. We share our passion for libraries with friends, family and patrons through conversations and programming. We grow stronger through partnerships and networking. And we support one another and libraries as an institution when we unite through committee work. This year, the Public Awareness and Advocacy Committee members will put our personal convictions into practice, starting with a simple question…

Why do you work in libraries?

“I want to help people! And have extra fun while doing it.”

Emily Mroczek, PAA Co-chair

she/ her/ hers

Youth Services Librarian, Arlington Heights Memorial Library (IL)

“I want to provide free information, resources and programming for all communities and to support intellectual freedom and the right to read freely.”

Sarah Jo Zaharako, PAA Co-chair


Youth Services Librarian, Wilmette Public Library (IL)

“I believe libraries are instrumental in building strong, vibrant communities. Through outreach and other engagement endeavors, libraries become part of the web of support for youth and families.”

Anne Price


Children’s Librarian, North Platte Public Library (NE)

“Libraries are one of the last public spaces anyone can be in free of charge. We not only serve everyone who walks through our doors, but we do outreach to serve the entirety of our community to the best of our ability. I love what libraries stand for and that makes it easy to wake up every day and go to work!”

Jaycee Chapman


Library Technician, Homewood Public Library (AL)

“I work in libraries because I love being part of something that stands for so much! I love being able to provide access to information and resources to people in all walks of life! … plus, being surrounded by books and movies and wonderful people every day never hurts.”

Samantha Kretschmer


Youth Collection Development Librarian, Geauga County Public Library (OH)

“I started working in libraries because I wanted to connect with my community, and share my love of reading and learning. I continue to work in libraries to ensure future generations can continue to read books they’d like to read, and to learn about any topic they are interested in.”

Joanna Goldfarb


Youth Services and Sustainability Innovation Consultant, Ramapo Catskill Library System (NY)

“The library was my refuge where I could lose myself in a book. When I got older I wanted to create that refuge for others, and make sure anyone who came into the library could find a book that reflected their culture in a positive way. If you can see it and read it, you can dream it and become it.“

Maria Vega


Head of Children and Teen Services, West Boynton Branch, Palm Beach County Library (FL)

“I love to connect people to the information they are seeking and letting them know about resources they may not have considered or known about!”

N. Yasmin Bromir

she / her

MLIS Graduate Student (MD)

This post addresses ALSC competency VII.1 Acknowledges the legacy of children’s librarianship, its place in the context of librarianship as a whole, and past contributions to the profession.

Sarah Jo Zaharako is writing this post on behalf of the Public Awareness and Advocacy Committee.  She can be reached at

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