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Are You ALSC-Board Curious?

Have you ever wondered about the internal workings of ALSC? Who decides who gets appointed to which committees? How are ALSC strategic priorities developed? What the heck does a Past-President or Division Councilor do? 

The ALSC Nominating Committee wants to help you get answers! We plan to connect ALSC-Board-curious members with ALSC veterans to have their questions answered. And we are planning an ALSC Board Open House for a virtual behind-the-scenes look at ALSC leadership. What we need to get started is info from you, which you can share on the ALSC Informal Nomination Form

While our not-so-secret agenda is to get folks to stand for election for the ALSC Board and President, putting your name on the form is not a commitment to run. If you are planning to run for Board this year, running for President is a far-off dream, or you just want to peek under ALSC’s hood, fill out the form and the Nominating Committee will connect you with a seasoned ALSC member to answer your questions. You will also be first on the guest list for the Open House! 

And while we have you, running for an ALSC leadership is a great professional opportunity and resume-building experience. It is a wonderful way to meet dynamic and inspiring colleagues and develop life-long friendships. It is also a great way to show you want to be more involved in ALSC and may lead to many opportunities! So add standing for election to your ALSC bucket list! 

Rachel Payne wrote this post for the ALSC Nominating and Leadership Development Committee – 2023.

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