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Winter Storytime Crafts

Crafts are a fun way to end a storytime, kids love them, and they are so beneficial in improving the kids’ fine motor skills. They are also simple to tie to a winter book that can close out the story part of storytime. I am currently planning my winter storytime sessions and I thought I would share my favorite crafts I came across while scouring the internet.

Handprint Polar Bear

This handprint polar bear used a piece of blue construction paper for the background, a black marker, a white crayon, a glue stick, and blue and white scrap paper. You can also print out the template for the polar bear’s head which I did in this picture. I am going to have the kids do this craft for the first winter storytime after reading Polar Bear’s Underwear and it will look much cuter with a small hand.

Inspiration and template come from Simple Everyday Mom.

Photo by Kirsten Caldwell.

Torn Paper Snowflake or Igloo

This craft uses a piece of construction paper for the background and torn pieces of paper to make a snowflake or an igloo. You could really do any shape and could make them more advanced with different colors and shapes. The only materials kids would need are paper and glue sticks. I love a simple craft like this, especially for the younger ones. If you don’t mind a mess, it would also be fun to have the kids tear their own paper pieces to glue on.

Inspiration comes from Toddler at Play and The Measured Mom.

Paper Heart Penguin

This paper heart penguin uses paper, google eyes, and glue. Such a simple and cute idea!

Craft found on Crafty Morning.

Make a Snowglobe

This template can be printed and the kids can cut it out and color it themselves then glue it together. I haven’t tried them, but they look adorable.

Template from Kitchen Table Classroom.

Paper Plate Snowman

This snowman is so simple and made from a paper plate which my library has tons of extras of. Let them make their own eyes, hats, and noses, or pre-trace them! I will probably do this craft and tie it to a book like Snowmen at Night.

Craft found on Made to be a Momma.

More Ideas?

If you want even more ideas for crafts and where to find them, read the post Children’s Librarians are Experts at Storytime Crafts from Paige Bentley-Flannery on the ALSC blog!

Post your favorite winter crafts in the comments!

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