Roblox and Kids: What you need to know

During a recent tech lesson, a first-grade student exclaimed, “I play Roblox, and they can scam you!”. And as I listened, she and many of her six-year-old classmates shared their experiences in the game, describing pop-ups and chat boxes, currency and avatars. It was passionate, energetic, and enlightening. As class ended, I began to wonder more about Roblox’s creation and how it could integrate into a teaching and programming moment. According to The Guardian, Roblox is among the most valuable video game companies in the world alongside stalwarts like Nintendo and Electronic Arts (EA). But don’t be fooled: according to its founder David Baszucki, “Roblox is less a game than a 3-D social platform” as it combines gaming with social media and social commerce. Roblox is a metaverse with millions of different games, or experiences, available to users. Account features like friends, followers, and chat are standard, with child accounts … Continue reading Roblox and Kids: What you need to know