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Fall Themed Storytimes

It is officially fall and that means fall themed storytimes! Whether you do an autumn theme, apples, pumpkins, or anything else fall, there are so many ideas to build a storytime from. This week is my first week back from maternity leave and I chose something that would be simple and also a fan favorite – fall. I am going to share some of my favorite places I found my ideas!

Jbrary has a long blog post written about fall with great storytime books, songs, activities, and more. I used one of the books from their list and it was a hit with the kids. The ideas they share in this post are also great for other storytime themes.

The Librarian is on the Loose has a post with two renditions of little mouse. The squirrel trying to find its hidden acorn is perfect for fall because of the fall leaves. This flannel is simple to make and the kids loved practicing their colors and guessing which leaf the acorn was hidden under.

Storytime Katie has a post called Fall! with some great rhymes and songs.

Abby the Librarian has a fall post that includes adorable songs and a great leaf rubbing activity.

Finally, Pinterest has so many ideas for flannels and crafts for fall themed storytimes. I chose the craft of a basket full of vegetables and included some fall vegetables like pumpkin and corn. The kids enjoyed coloring and gluing their veggies together and this was an easy craft to prep months ahead of time.

Fall basket craft for fall themed storytime. Photo by Kirsten Caldwell.

The post on the ALSC blog, Fall Previews and Programming by Jonathan Dolce shares fall programming ideas that aren’t solely storytime focused. This extensive post gives programming ideas for different ages, craft ideas, and so much more. It is worth a read.

Are you doing anything fun for fall at your library? What is your favorite fall storytime book to read and your favorite fall song?

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