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Notable Children’s Recordings Discussion – August 2022

The Notables Children’s Recordings Committee is pleased to announce this year’s first set of public discussion meetings.  The NCR committee’s charge is to develop a list of the most notable recordings of audiobooks and music of interest for children ages 0-14 produced in 2022.  The committee will meet three times during the year for public discussion meetings, the first set will occur over 3 days on August 29-31 from 3:30-5:30 EST.

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The following recordings of books, some new and some older books with new productions of audiobooks, will be discussed:

A is for Oboe: The Orchestra’s AlphabetLera Auerbach, Marilyn Nelson
Ain’t Burned All the BrightJason Reynolds
Alias AnnaSusan Hood, Greg Dawson
Apple CrushLucy Kinsley
Falling ShortErnesto Cisneros
Gallant V.E. Schwab
Good Job GeorgeJane O’Conner
Hilo Book 1Judd Winick
Honest June: The Show Must Go OnTina Wells
In the Key of UsMariama J. Lockington
InheritanceElizabeth Acevedo
ListenShannon Stocker
Max and the Midknights and the Tower of TimeLincoln Pierce
Meet the HamantaschenAlan Silberberg
Mel FellCorey Tabor
Rules for VampiresAlex Foulkes
Seven Clues to HomeNora Raleigh Baskin, Gae Polisner
Stacey’s Extraordinary WordsStacy Abrrams
Stuntboy, in the MeantimeJason Reynolds
The First Helping (Lunch Lady 1 & 2)Jarrett J. Krosoczka
The Lucky OnesLinda Williams Jackson
The Patron Thief of BreadLindsay Eager
The Supervillain’s Guide to Being a Fat KidMatt Wallace
This Book is not for youShannon Hale

Please register here to watch the discussions.

Jessica Gillis, chair of the Notable Children’s Recordings Committee, invites you to attend and hear how these books have been transformed in producing an audio version of the printed copy.

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