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Inclusive Back to School Books

I know that much of the country is not in back to school mode yet, but in Southern Indiana our students started back to school last week. And as families have geared up, our back to school books have been flying off the shelves. I’ve been keeping a close eye on this display to fill it back up. And I always try to make it as inclusive as possible. Keep this in mind as you’re building yours. Consider some of the books below to make your display more inclusive!

Covers of back to school books Amy Wu and the Warm Welcome, Back to School, and Beautifully Me
Back to school books
Covers of back to school books Becoming Vanessa, Call Me Max, and Can I Play Too?
Back to school books
Covers of back to school books El Cucuy is Scared Too, Danbi Leads the School Parade, and The Day You Begin
Back to school books
Book covers: Gibberish, Isabel and Her Colores Go to School, and I Got the School Spirit
Book covers: The King of Kindergarten, The Queen of Kindergarten, Sam's Super Seats, and That's Not My Name

These are just some of my favorite inclusive back to school books. I always like to have a big list of titles I can pull for displays. I try to keep my displays nice and full. What other diverse back to school books would you suggest?

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