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Summer Reading: What’s Your Strategy?

As schools finish up after a year of “the new normal,” now it’s the libraries turn. After the tumultuous last few years, most libraries have switched up their strategies and are making a new plan.

If you have time, take a moment to answer some quick questions in the comments:

  1. How does your library’s summer reading program differ than before COVID-19?
  2. What are you most looking forward to about summer reading this year?
  3. Do you have any concerns about this years summer reading?

At my libraries, we toned back a lot of our programs the last two years and offered more take home options and possibilities to get all the prizes at once. This year, it will be back to a gradual system of levels although people can still opt for curb side. We are also back to having teen volunteers which is definitely one of my favorite parts of the summer reading program.

I know that in a time of many book challenges, I want to make sure that I have plenty of options available for what kids want to read. I hope to provide a supportive and inclusive environment for kids and their caregivers.


  1. Polly

    1. We have Beanstack, which I could never have before (and I am thrilled). We’re going to have hefty activity badges on Beanstack for those who don’t want to join us in-person, but no more Virtual Summer Camp, thank heavens. That was a lot of work and little reward.
    2. Real, in-person programs! It won’t be a normal summer, but it will be the most normal summer since 2019. And we are also having lots of outdoor programs which are so much fun (which I might never have known but for the pandemic). And getting back to normal storytimes! And it’s all so wonderful!
    And my concerns are pretty normal summer concerns, with a little construction panic thrown in, because we don’t yet have the rooms we’re supposed to program in, they’re still part of the construction project!

  2. Susana Lewis

    1. We are using Beanstack, which we started doing so, more during COVID. We have less programs than before. It is a hybrid program of using pre-COVID programs and grab and go crafts that we utilized during COVID
    2. I am most looking forward to actually taking part. I started as a Children’s librarian in Sept. 2019 and was prepping for the Summer program, then March rolled around and I was deployed as a disaster service worker for the rest of the year and half of 2021. I missed both those summers.
    3. The only concerns is that I hope people like what we are offering. Not as crazy as past years, but at least we are actually having in-person concerts and programs.

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