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Pride Month at Your Library

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month! How does your library commemorate Pride Month and/or welcome rainbow kids and families throughout the year? My library is planning a month of Pride programs for the first time this year. I am really excited because this programming and outreach is way overdue. When you’re new at Pride programming, where can you turn? I’ve collected some great resources for you to check out here.

The national library symbol in the rainbow colors of the pride flag for Pride Month and beyond
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When I started to write a post about LGBTQ+ programming and Pride Month, I quickly realized that everything I had to say (so far) had already been said better by other folks. I want to point you to their posts and resources you can use. I would love to know more, so feel free to add your favorite resources in the comments!

Finding LGBTQ+ Books

Where can you find LGBTQ+ books to include in your Pride Month programming and storytimes throughout the year? These lists are great starting points for finding books to build your collection, put on display, add to your book lists, and use in programming. Make sure your rainbow families can find books that represent themselves! And remember, you don’t always know which families are rainbow families, so it’s better to always be inclusive.

Pride Month Storytimes

These resources are wonderful for storytimes during Pride Month or any time. Make sure your rainbow families see they are welcome in the library. Inclusive storytimes affirm the lives of LGBTQ+ kids and families, and they strengthen allyship in straight kids and families. Straight families may not be sure how to talk to their kids about all kinds of families. Your storytime can help demonstrate that for them, too.

General LGBTQ+ Support

Is your library welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community? Pride Month is a great time to start thinking about what you can do throughout the year to make sure LGBTQ+ kids and families feel welcome.

What other resources do you suggest for Pride Month and celebrating Pride 365?

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