It’s Spring Break! Now what??

It’s that time again! Spring Break! We all have muddled through winter and children and their parents are ready to get out and enjoy a week off in warmer weather. This is your opportunity to capitalize on the change of season!  Caregivers are looking for ways to keep their kiddos busy during spring break and this is a great time to make connections.

Spring Break Programming

The first day of spring break children will be asking parents that age old question, “What are we doing today?”  This is where the library comes in. Daily spring break programming will draw families to your library.  Depending on your budget, you can provide programs like those offered in the summer such as magicians, acrobats, and other pricier programs.  If your budget is modest, consider putting on inexpensive programs that are low or no cost to the library.  For example, a fairy golf or a mini-miniature golf course created by participants. The cost to put on this program is less than $50.  Be sure to click on the link for additional ideas on low budget programming.

Picture taken at
North Columbus Public Library


Promote Reading

Summer reading programs successfully encourage children to read during their summer break.  Why can’t a spring break reading program do the same?  Countless children are motivated to read every summer in hopes of earning a prize.  A spring break reading program can provide the same motivation, just on a smaller scale.  Libraries can offer children budget-friendly toys and prizes for reading.  These prizes can come from donations provided by the community, and local organizations and businesses.  Approach your program plans with creativity and enjoy the sounds of spring breakers in your library.

Happy Spring Break!

This post addresses the following ALSC Core Competencies:  III. Programming Skills and V. Outreach and Advocacy.

This blog post was written by Lola Edwards Gomez on behalf of the Public Awareness and Advocacy Committee. Lola is an MLS graduate student at Texas Woman’s University and Bilingual Music and Movement Instructor at Melissa Public Library in Melissa, TX.

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