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Sort Yourself: Children’s Library Worker Edition

Types of children's library workers

What type of children’s library worker are you? After seeing so many viral trends of trying to sort yourself into different categories or types of things, I decided to make my own for children’s library work! Sort yourselves to see which animal you might be: An owl, an octopus, a cat, a dolphin, a koala, or a bee!

Did I miss any animal or insect characters? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Suzi

    Owl/bee. This is fascinating. Thanks for doing it!!

  2. Nicole

    May I be an Octopus Owl?

    1. tina

      Someone like me — a mixture of these two!

  3. Polly

    Everything but koala for me!

  4. Lina Crowell

    Owl with a bit of dolphin and a bit of koala.

  5. tina

    Simple. I am a cat-owl-opus.

  6. Alicia

    Combination of owl and cat

  7. rockinlibrarian

    I’m a koalowl.

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