ALA Annual Conference 2021

Highlights from Liz McChesney- Distinguished Service Winner #alaac21

In todays ALSC membership meeting, 2021 ALSC Distinguished Service winner Liz McChesney made a beautiful speech. I am inspired.

I already knew she was great (quick disclaimer that I was a member of the committee that picked her) and she did give a shoutout to my child. But her speech inspired me as a children’s librarian to serve the children and their families to the best of my capabilities.

Her speech highlighted some of the many things she cared about (and everything she cares about is very meaningful and important) including equity, collaboration and fellow people in librarianship). She helped me think about WHY I am a children’s librarian and HOW I can make sure my population is receiving the services they need.

My blog post does not do her speech justice. I strongly encourage you to listen to the recording when it is posted (her speech is the beginning portion of the meeting). Congratulations again to Liz!

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  1. Elizabeth Serrano

    The recording is now available on the ALSC YouTube Channel and posted to the ALSC DSA page! Congratulations again Liz:

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