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Try a Reading Challenge!

As library professionals, it is our job to encourage our students and patrons to read, read, read. But, are we encouraging ourselves to read? Do you ever find yourself in a reading slump? 

If you need a little boost, try one of the challenges below! 

  1. #BookADay – My favorite challenge! This Nerdy Book Club blog post introduces the 2020 BookADay challenge (I am sure an update will be posted soon). Basically, you read and share a book a day during the summer (dates are set by YOU). I like to share what I’m reading on social media. You can do this alone, or divide the reading up in your department.
  1. #Nerdcott – If you search for Nerdcott, you’ll find lots of bloggers who have taken on this challenge…including me! For this challenge, you read every single Caldecott award winner and honor book since 1938. You can challenge yourself to read the winner and honor books for ANY award. 
  1. Book Award Program Books – Chances are you have a book award program in your state. Challenge yourself to read every book on the list this summer. Find information about your local book award program here – 
  1. A book from every state/country – Wish you could travel the United States this summer (there is still a pandemic, you know)? Instead of traveling in your car, travel in books! 
  1. Book Shelf Challenge – Pick a shelf, any shelf and read all the books! This is most fun, in my opinion, when you choose a random picture book shelf. You will find some new to you gems, trust me! 
  1. New to You Authors – Find an author that you are not familiar with and read all the things. 
  1. Genres – Challenge yourself to read a variety of genres. This can be hard. I know I don’t generally enjoy Science Fiction or Fantasy, but it never fails – when I get out of my comfort zone and read something in a different genre – I always enjoy it. 
  1. Books you see on TikTok – There are so many librarians and book people on TikTok – browse #LibraryTikTok and read only books you see there! 
  1. Pick a number challenge – Challenge yourself to read 10, 20, 50, 100 books! You pick the number! You read the books! 
  1. Goodreads Challenge – Are you on Goodreads? Let them help you meet your goal! 

If you are in a reading slump, I hope some of these challenges will help you. Also, know that it is  okay to enjoy your slump and catch up on your favorite Netflix shows, as well. 

This post address the following ALSC Core Competencies: IV. Knowledge Curation and Management of Materials

Valerie Byrd Fort teaches Children’s Literature to pre-service teachers and Children’s Materials to future school and youth services librarians at the University of South Carolina. She also coordinates UofSC’s literacy outreach program, Cocky’s Reading Express.

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